Joining New Waves

Please bring all required paperwork completed and signed to your first swim session. You may also email it to or fax it to (415) 236-6185 at least 12 hours prior to your session or event.

It is a special honor for us to be able to work with children and teens. They are the open water swimmers of the future and we invite them to get their start at any of our events or training sessions. Before attempting our open bay events, we ask that minors attend one of our Aquatic Park sessions so the we can assess their swimming abilities.

Parents or guardians are welcome to bring their children to any of our training sessions. Training swims are held Sundays at 10:00 am throughout the year and Thursdays at 6:00 pm March through September at Aquatic Park. At their initial training swim, your child will be accompanied and evaluated by one of our experienced open water swim coaches. After seeing them swim, we can discuss their open water swimming goals and set up a training schedule to help them prepare for any of the events we offer throughout the year.

Other costs and special prices

Our initial evaluation will be made at a cost of $35.00. After this, most young swimmers go on to swim with us for a special New Wave membership fee of $249.00 per year or as drop-in swimmers at $15.00 per session. If individual instruction, coaching or training is desired, we can provide this service for $75.00 per hour.

Required Documents

Waiver Form

This is a required form for all New Waves members. Please email it or bring it with you to your first swim. You can't swim without it!

  • The Waiver and Non-Harmless document above completed and signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Copy of any document with proof of age (birth certificate, school document or passport).
  • A letter from either parent or guardian, authorizing their child to participate in this kind of sport. They must state that they are fully aware of the risks stated on the waiver about this activity.
  • Young swimmer’s proof of hospital or health insurance.
  • A letter from a certified swimming coach or certified life guard, stating the minor’s swimming capabilities. It must state the minor’s level of swimming or training before transitioning to open water swimming. A satisfactory evaluation by a Water World Swim coach can serve in place of this letter.
  • A copy of a current physical exam (within 1 calendar year) dated and signed by the examining physician with a statement attesting that there are no restrictions limiting physical activity.
From a New Waves Grad
Swimming In Dalvik
Swimming in Jokulsarlon
Brian Gerrity
"WWS further solidified my love and passion for the ocean. It taught me about making and achieving different and more challenging goals than pool swimming."

Brian started swimming at age 8 and open water swimming at age 13 in Half Moon Bay before swimming in the bay with Water World Swim, completing his first Alcatraz at 14. After his Alcatraz crossing, he went on to successfully participate in the Golden Gate Bridge swim, Bridge to Bridge 10k, Swim Around the Rock, several Winter Alcatraz events, the Tiburon Mile, Transbay solo swim from Golden Gate to Emeryville Marina, and various open water swims in Iceland (including Reykjavic, Dalvik, Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, and in the Arctic Circle off Grimsey Island).

Currently, Brian swims for the University of Puget Sound while double majoring in Economics and Political Science and occasionally swimming in the nearby Puget Sound. He hopes to swim across Lake Tahoe in 2014 and when finances are ready, cross the Strait of Magellan and the Bering Strait.

Current New Waves
Jillian Blezien

My experience swimming in San Francisco with Water World Swim will be one of the few memories I believe I will carry with me throughout my entire life. The surge of excitement as I strip against the chill of the wind to all but a swimsuit, the thrill of the freeze with every jump, the powerful crash of the waves against my grappling body, the airless escape into the deep salty unknown, and the fulfillment of climbing back onto the slippery boat with no strength left but to smile.

All of these I will carry in the wildness of my heart and continue to live on. I have been a swimmer since before I can remember, but I joined my first team, Rocklin Wave, when I was eight-years-old till the age of fourteen. From there I joined the Wolverines for a year and a half then lead on to do my own solo training. The truth is I hate the pool but I love the water, especially the ocean. After discovering a desire to swim the English Channel at the age of 13, I searched for a way to train in the ocean.

This is what brought me to stumble upon Coach Pedro’s Sunday group of swimmers in San Francisco. One two hour drive later and I was stepping into my wetsuit anxiously, and meeting who are now some of my favorite coaches I have ever worked with. Each of them were so kind, encouraging, attentive, each with a big splash of humor, just the recipe for getting me in the bay for my first swim.

Since then I have completed 4 Alcatraz swims, 3 Golden Gate swims (both including 2 non wetsuit swims) , 1 Swim Around the Rock non wetsuit, and my personal favorite 2 Bridge to Bridge swims non wetsuit. All that is left to say is, I love it.