Alcatraz Swim with the Centurions

On June 11, 1962, Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin chipped through their cement cell walls, squeezed through a ventilation shaft to get to the roof, climbed down a drain pipe, scaled a 15-foot fence, and entered the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay. They disappeared into the night, wearing only the meager life preservers they made from stolen rain coats, and were never found, seen, or heard from again.

39 years later, on June 11, 2001, Pedro Ordenes and Gary Emich became the first swimmers to successfully “Escape from Alcatraz” 100 times! Since then, becoming a member of the elite “Alcatraz 100 Club” has become THE ambition for many open water swimmers. On September 27th, you’ll have the chance to reach your own goals and share the waters with the experts of the Bay, the Centurions.

This year’s event is to benefit local Breast cancer agencies and the U.S. National Parks Conservancy.

This swim is not for novices. This event is for experienced open-water swimmers only. You should be able to swim one mile comfortably in a pool in under 40 minutes. If you need advice, support, and coaching for this swim, Water World Swim can help. Please check our no-refund policy before registering.

At A Glance


  • SEPTEMBER 27, 2014
  • 12th Annual Event
  • Maximum 450 swimmers
  • 1.25 mi swim from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park with the Centurions – elite swimmers who have made the crossing more than 100 times
  • $175 members & non-members; $165 past participants; $155 per individual on a team of 3+ people
  • Registration deadline is September 13, 2014

Centurions 2014 Registrants (upcoming)

Iqbal Afzal Male Wetsuit 41 Fremont Ca USA
Michael Alexander Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 54 Los Gatos CA USA
Charles Allen Male Wetsuit 46 Westlake Village CA USA
Tom Allen Male Wetsuit 55 San Anselmo CA USA
Peter Alperin Male Wetsuit 46 San Francisco CA USA
Gabriel Alvarado Male Wetsuit 28 Merced CA USA
Rainier Amora Male Wetsuit 30 San Francisco California USA
John Anderson Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 72 Fairfield CA USA
Mike Aycock Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 59 Colleyville TX USA
Michelle Aycock Female Wetsuit 28 Colleyville TX USA
Nancy Bavor Female Wetsuit 61 Los Altos HIlls CA USA
Mark Bellias Male Wetsuit 37 Lafayette CA USA
Charlotte Biladeau Female Wetsuit 57 Lutz FL USA
Candido Blanco Male Wetsuit 50 San Francisco CA USA
Aaron Booth Male Wetsuit 34 Livermore CA USA
Wendy Booth Female Wetsuit 34 Livermore CA USA
Helen Bowles Female Wetsuit 23 San Francisco CA USA
Robert Brasington Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 31 San Francisco CA USA
John Buckalew Male Wetsuit 50 Folsom CA USA
Dan Butcher Male Wetsuit 41 Watsonville - usa
Sarah Byers Female Wetsuit 33 Buckeye AZ USA
Lisa Cantrell Female Wetsuit 43 Buckeye AZ USA
Michael Carriles Male Wetsuit 50 Valencia CA USA
Clayton Casteel Male Wetsuit 32 Chicago IL USA
Marsha Castilleja Female Wetsuit 30 Arvada CO USA
Humberto Chacon Male Wetsuit 50 San Jose CA USA
Cora Chambers Female Wetsuit 51 Newark CA USA
Crystal Chambers Female Wetsuit 26 Long Beach CA USA
Chun Cheuk Male Wetsuit 27 Richmond British Columbia Canada
Kevin Choroomi Male Wetsuit 46 Burbank CA USA
Kelly Conway Female Wetsuit 39 KALAMAZOO MI USA
Amy Cornwell Female Wetsuit 50 Kansas City MO USA
Alex Cox Male Wetsuit 43 Lafayette CA USA
Meryl Craig Female Wetsuit 25 San Francisco CA USA
John Cullen Male Wetsuit 61 Austin Texas USA
James Curley Male Wetsuit 56 Chicago IL USA
David Damico Male Wetsuit 54 Oceanside CA USA
Mark Danna Male Wetsuit 58 Scotts Valley CA USA
Candace Dannenbaum Female Wetsuit 31 San Francisco California USA
Karl Dannenbaum Male Wetsuit 30 San Francisco CA USA
Jennifer Nicole Deasy Female Wetsuit 23 San Jose CA USA
Jeff Deron Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 39 Toms river NJ USA
Carly Duffy Female Wetsuit 29 San Rafael California USA
William Duke Male Wetsuit 50 Marietta GA USA
Mark Eaton Male Wetsuit 51 Olathe KS usa
Natasha Elliott Female Wetsuit 39 modesto CA USA
Tracy Fagan Male Wetsuit 54 Highlands Ranch CO USA
Paul F Favaro Male Wetsuit 56 Sonoma CA USA
Scott Flack Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 40 Austin Texas USA
Ryan Flannery Male Wetsuit 33 San Francisco ca usa
Margaux Florion Female Wetsuit 24 SOMMELONNE FRANCE
Vincent Florion Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 48 SOMMELONNE FRANCE
Martin Paul Florman Male Wetsuit 51 N. Tustin CO USA
Adam Florman Male Wetsuit 13 N. Tustin CA USA
Lauren Foutz Female Wetsuit 28 Menlo Park CA USA
David Franklin Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 53 Modesto CA USA
Shelle Freund Female Skin (non-wetsuit) 49 Centennial CO USA
Greg Freund Male Wetsuit 50 Centennial CO USA
Morgan Fuller Female Wetsuit 24 Sunnyvale CA USA
Colin Gallagher Male Wetsuit 45 San Francisco CA USA
Kara Gant Female Wetsuit 43 Shingle Springs CA USA
Rocky Garff Male Wetsuit 37 Menlo Park CA USA
Michael Garlie Male Wetsuit 39 Belmont CA USA
Julene Geilenfeldt Female - 49 Buckeye AZ USA
Jeffrey Gill Male Wetsuit 43 Buckeye AZ USA
Kevin Glaser Male Wetsuit 42 Anaheim Hills CA USA
Erika Gliebe Female Skin (non-wetsuit) 41 San Francisco CA USA
Rebecca Gorman Female Wetsuit 44 - - -
Sanford Gottesman Male Wetsuit 62 Austin TX USA
William Anthony Grinnell Male Wetsuit 52 Marblehead MA USA
Amy Gubser Female Skin (non-wetsuit) 46 pacifica ca usa
Peggy Hannon Female Wetsuit 31 San Francisco California USA
Dennis Hannon Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 70 Fort Collins Colorado USA
Robert Harris Male Wetsuit 25 San Rafael California USA
Colin Harvey Male Wetsuit 25 Ventura USA
Michael Haynes Male Wetsuit 56 franklin MA USA
William Healy Male Wetsuit 51 New York NY USA
Joshua Hendryx - - - Salt Lake City UT USA
Emily Henriksson Female Wetsuit 23 Redwood City California USA
Michael Hoenninger Male Wetsuit 24 Santa Rosa CA USA
Scott Holdsworth Male Wetsuit 45 ORANGE CA USA
Kris Iversen Female Wetsuit 44 San Francisco CA USA
Brad Jacobs Male Wetsuit 50 mill valley california USA
Graham James Male Wetsuit 62 Aberdeen Scotland UK
Karen Leigh Johnson Female Wetsuit 54 San Rafael CA USA
Chris Johnston Male Wetsuit 48 Kirkland WA USA
Mike Kasper Male Wetsuit 29 Mountain View ca usa
Kristi Kastler Female Wetsuit 48 simi valley ca USA
David Kavanagh Male Wetsuit 58 Lake Forest IL USA
Joy Kelleher Female Wetsuit 44 Gainesville GA USA
Patrick Kelley Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 36 Oakland Ca USA
Daniel Kline Male Wetsuit 54 Salinas CA USA
Peter Kline Male Wetsuit 25 Stockton CA USA
Sarah Koenig Female Wetsuit 45 San Rafael ca USA
Vickie Landis Female Wetsuit 43 Buckeye AZ USA
Brad Larsen Male Wetsuit 30 Palo Alto CA USA
Emma Lechenne Female Wetsuit 14 Fremont CA USA
Micaela Leighton Female Wetsuit - Buckeye AZ USA
Michael Lenihan Male Wetsuit 36 Campbell CA USA
Harper Lindstrom Male Wetsuit 43 san francisco ca usa
Brad Link Male Wetsuit 37 Irvine CA USA
Danielle Linse Female Skin (non-wetsuit) 36 Golden CO USA
Daniel Lippetti Male Wetsuit 50 belmont CA USA
Andrew Lopez Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 32 Ontario CA USA
Wendy Lu Female Wetsuit 23 San Francisco California USA
Chad Lunt Male Wetsuit 33 Menlo Park CA USA
mahir lupinacci Male Wetsuit 42 San Francisco CA USA
Jessica Lydon Female Wetsuit 23 Redwood City CA USA
Edward Martin Male Wetsuit 52 atlanta GA USA
Daniel McCarthy Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 51 Marblehead MA USA
Michael McGrory Male Wetsuit 52 Derry City - UK
Eamonn McGuinness Male Wetsuit 38 Cashed Co. Tipperary Ireland
Andy McKinney Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 40 Lafayette CA USA
Chester McMillion Male Wetsuit 47 Huntington Beach CA USA
Barbara Meline Female Wetsuit 53 Minneapolis MN USA
David Meline Male Wetsuit 56 Minneapolis MN USA
Elizabeth Messana Female - 31 San Ramon CA USA
Jeffrey Messana Male Wetsuit 34 San Ramon CA USA
Deborah Meyer Female Skin (non-wetsuit) 57 Vero beach FL USA
Andrea Milat Female Wetsuit 32 Santa Cruz California USA
Andrea Milat Female Wetsuit 32 Santa Cruz CA USA
Bernard Millar Male - 37 Santa Cruz CA USA
Bernard Millar Male Wetsuit 37 Santa Cruz CA USA
Donal Minihan Male Wetsuit 37 Reno NV USA
Carolyn Modugno Female Wetsuit 46 Burbank CA USA
Nicholas Monroe Male Wetsuit 50 Sonoma Ca USA
Mariam Motamed Female Wetsuit 48 redwood city CA USA
Jessi Moussa Female Skin (non-wetsuit) 40 Buckeye AZ USA
Philip Murphy Male Skin (non-wetsuit) - El Cerrito CA USA
Jeff Ney Male Wetsuit 46 Overland Park KS USA
Sarah Nielsen Female Wetsuit 48 San Jose CA USA
Jebediah Ory Female Wetsuit 34 Washington DC USA
David Oustad Male Wetsuit 66 San Jose CA USA
Max Peltz Male Wetsuit 47 Mill Valley Ca USA
Octavio Perez Male Wetsuit 23 WEST COVINA CA USA
Robert Peterson Male Wetsuit 34 Irvine CA USA
Corey Pigeon Female Skin (non-wetsuit) 37 Lafayette California USA
Linda Pinfold Female Wetsuit 44 Vallejo CA USA
Pablo Pizzuto Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 40 Mooroolbark - AUSTRALIA
Brian Rakowsky Male Wetsuit 49 Montville NJ USA
tim rea Male Wetsuit 50 auckland new zealand
Doug Reed Male Wetsuit 45 Pacifica CA USA
Maria Reeves Female Wetsuit 32 Harker Heights TX USA
Evan Richards Male Wetsuit 28 San Antonio TX USA
Mark Rudberg Male Wetsuit 55 Lake Forest IL USA
David Rummell Male Wetsuit 64 San Jose CA USA
Blaine Ryan Male Wetsuit 37 Eureka CA USA
Courtney Ryan Female Wetsuit 26 Santa Rosa CA USA
Gabriela Salerno Female Skin (non-wetsuit) 29 San Francisco CA USA
Roland Schmitz Male Wetsuit 29 Duesseldorf North Rhine-Westphalia Germany
Janet Schneider Female Wetsuit 40 Kalamazoo Michigan USA
Greg Scott Male Wetsuit 41 Nanaimo BC Canada
Eran Sharpe Male Wetsuit 43 Palo Alto CA USA
Gregor Simon Male Wetsuit 46 Prichsenstadt - GERMANY
Stephan Simon Male Wetsuit 47 San Francisco CA USA
Stephen Smith Male Wetsuit 42 Berkeley CA USA
Jeremy Smitheal Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 42 Austin Texas USA
Jeremy Smitheal Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 42 Austin TX USA
Ray Solnik Male Wetsuit 50 San Jose CA USA
Roelof Stofberg Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 49 London - United Kingdom
Paul Sturtevant Male Skin (non-wetsuit) 35 Honolulu HI USA
Matt Swanson Male Wetsuit 49 folsom CA USA
Karan Terry Female Wetsuit 31 Sacramento CA USA
Tony Theriault Male Wetsuit 53 Nanaimo BC Canada
Lisa Thilker Female Skin (non-wetsuit) 48 Denver CO USA
Andrew Thompson Male Wetsuit 52 Tiburon CA USA
Eric Thorson Male Wetsuit 54 Pacific Palisades CA USA
Matthew Thorson Male Wetsuit 22 Pacific Palisades CA USA
Tommy Thynne Male Wetsuit 35 beverly hills CA USA
Anne-Marie Tucker Female Wetsuit 49 Hayward CA USA
Kathleen Van Doorn Female Wetsuit 58 Nanaimo BC CANADA
Kim Varshine Female Wetsuit 43 Buckeye AZ USA
Kathleen Vasta Female Wetsuit 55 Carpinteria ca usa
Mary-Kae Vranesic Female Wetsuit 47 Buckeye AZ USA
Mariah Waller Female Wetsuit 39 North Lehi UT USA
Franklin Walston Male Wetsuit 33 ALBUQUERQUE NM USA
Niall Wells Male Wetsuit 33 San Francisco CA USA
Beth White Female Wetsuit 49 Chesapeake VA USA
Rob Williams Male Wetsuit 35 Richmond British Columbia CANADA
Catherine Williams Female Wetsuit 51 Fremont CA USA
Brett Williams Male Wetsuit 40 Sacramento CA USA
Yank Wilson Male Wetsuit 65 San Jose CA USA
Scott Wilson Male Wetsuit - Highland CA USA
James Woodmansee Male Wetsuit 31 Modesto CA USA
Paige Wright Female Wetsuit 51 Germantown Tennessee USA
David Wright Male Wetsuit 51 Germantown Tennessee USA
Megan Yarnall Female Skin (non-wetsuit) 30 Eureka CA USA
Bob Yost Male Wetsuit 72 Foxfield CO USA