Across the globe in 2014

In 2014, Water World Swim will be launching swims across the globe! With the help of Coach PedroCoach Ori, Coach Gary, and Coach Ale, we are excited to announce a growing list of events in Chile, Israel, Italy, the UK, and Greece and their beautiful waters. This is a great opportunity to connect and grow within an international community of passionate swimmers.

We’re kicking off 2014 with 17-year-old Hunter Wright swimming the Strait of Magellan without a wetsuit, leading swim clinics for the Half Ironman event in Pucon, Chile, and planning a whole treasure chest of global swims in the Mediterranean off the coasts of Italy and Greece.

So get your passports and goggles ready – we’re going to swim worldwide!



Join us in our support for the brave WWS coaches and swimmers who will be competing in the 2014 Half Ironman Pucon in Chile – WWS swimmer Solange Degand and WWS coaches Jake Glodowski and Pedro Ordenes! We will be bringing Mack’s Earplugs as a joint sponsor to this event, and thank CEO Peter Benner for 12 years of mutual support.


New Waves star and future Olympian Hunter Wright will swim the Strait of Magellan this winter with the guidance of Water World Swim coaches Pedro, Levy, and Mike. Hunter will brave three miles of 38-41 degree water – without a wetsuit! Upon completion, he will be the youngest non-wetsuit to complete the challenge. Read More


In September 2014, Water World Swim will partner with Coach Alessandro to swim the Bonifacio Channel near Corsica and Sardinia  between France and Italy. The region is known for its strong currents and sometimes difficult navigation, and is a hearty distance at 12-14km. It features crystal waters that just beg to be swum!


Coach Gary is organizing an English Channel swim – an elite 21-mile swim from Shakespeare Beach, Dover, to Cap Gris Nez in France in cool waters. Gary himself completed the challenge in September 2013 and is excited to share the experience with hardy swimmers!


This year, Coach Ori of Water World Israel will be organizing a Greece Flotilla swim and an Israel swim at Bikuray Yam in June. Stay tuned for more details – both swims will feature stunning water!

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