Due to the Department of State issued warnings, travel is not currently recommended to Israel, Gaza, or the West Bank. We will be back next year and our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by the conflict.

Water World Israel

Water World Swim and Water World Israel come together to bring the best of swimming in Israel and beyond!

Water World Israel boasts Coach Ori Sela’s values ​​of professionalism and dedication, believing in equal opportunities and contributions to the community. Sport and a healthy lifestyle are integral to our lives, helps us make friends, improves confidence, circulation, and strengthens us physically and mentally.

Water World Israel offers a variety of water-related activities, teaching swimming to all ages, professional swimming groups, educational pool groups, toddlers with parents, hydrotherapy, special treatments, swimming rehabilitation and more – including navigating the open water.



Open Water Greece Flotilla Training Camp 2014

Register early for 200 euros off!

Register before January 31st for a 200 euro discount!
From June 7-14, 2014, swim in paradise.

Every so often we feel the need to get away, but are unsure whether to travel or just take it easy. All we know for sure is that we don’t want to gain weight…what a dilemma!

Water World and Via Maris present the most amazing vacation you’ll ever experience: one week living on a luxury yacht, learning to sail, cooking together, eating in gorgeous tavernas in places you can only reach by sea, drinking plenty of Ouzo…in addition to professional swimming lessons twice a day in the clear blue water of an island bay.

Apart from the vast experience of Water World’s senior coaching staff in long-distance and open water swimming, the staff is also well-versed in hydrotherapy and the WEST swimming technique which adapts to the body type, abilities, flexibility, and more, of each and every participant. After adapting for the unique style of each swimmer, the Water World staff will challenge you to swim further and harder than you ever believed you could.

Each day we’ll swim between 2-10 kilometers accompanied by trainers in kayaks and Yachts. We’ll gain a command of open water and long-distance swimming as well as swimming in pairs and trios, teamwork, and more.

  • €1,850 per person for the week
  • €1,650 discounted price for early registration (until January 31, 2014)

The price includes:

  • Senior swimming and staff training WEST
  • Kayak and boat escort according to the needs of the training program and individual swimmers
  • Via Maris Experienced skippers and staff
  • Spacious and comfortable Catamaran yachts
  • Port moorings, fuel, insurance and and cleaning for the yachts
  • Fully equipped kitchen, blankets, pillows, sheets and towels
  • Food + beverage + alcohol (including vodka, wine, Ouzo, and beer) provided for every yacht
  • Meals in local tavernas
  • Transportation to and from the Athens marina

The price does not include:

  • Flight to Athens – tickets can be purchased through the Via Maris office or on one’s own
  • Travel insurance and
  • Personal purchases