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2020 San Francisco Bay Race Dates Announced from Water World Swim

Cold water & San Francisco bay swimming specialists to train athletes for Alcatraz crossings, ESCAPE Triathlon, Golden Gate Bridge swim and more.

SAN FRANCISCO—June 15, 2020—Water World Swim, the universal expert on open water swimming, today announced the 2020swim schedule. From monthly Alcatraz crossings to endurance distance aquatic tours of the entire Bay, Water World Swim has an opportunity for swimmers of all levels to uncover a lifelong and life-affirming love for the planet’s most exotic natural pools. Highlights of the 2017 line-up include:

  • Winter Alcatraz, 2021: Start your year off right with the Bay Area’s version of “ice swimming.” With water temperatures expected to be hovering right around 50 degrees F, this Alactraz-to-Aquatic Park crossing the perfect New Year’s cleanse. After all, according to a 2004 study published in the International Journal of Circumpolar Health, winter swimmers experience less stress and fatigue and more vigor, have better memory function and mood and feel more energetic. Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Alcatraz Classic, 2021: The annual “Race for the Fastest” brings together elite swimmers from all over the world to compete in a 2-mile course from Alcatraz to St. Francis Beach. The race is limited to 90 swimmers and all participants must submit an application showing qualifying times to be selected.
  • Bridge to Bridge 10K, TBA A legendary swim 10K comprised of endurance athletes racing between two landmark bridges in the exciting bay waters! This iconic 6.2 mile course takes 50 swimmers from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge and sells out by January 1, so advance registration is advised.
  • Swim with the Centurions, September 30, 2020: This Alcatraz crossing honors those who have successfully escaped the prison island 100 times. The fun swim is open to first-timers and veterans alike.

Water World Swim will also be hosting training clinics in the months and days leading up to the major San Francisco Triathlons, including the Escape from Alcatraz™ Triathlon. These clinics let swimmers practice the last half mile of the Escape swim leg. There are also a few opportunities to experience the start of the race and currents around Alcatraz as well. At all clinics, coaches will be on hand to answer questions and give instruction regarding the water conditions and what can be expected on race day. Alcatraz Triathlon Clinics are currently set for Saturday, June ; Saturday, May \, 2020; Saturday, June 2020; Thursday, June 8, 2020; Friday, June 9, 2020; and Saturday, June 6, 2020.

Water World Swim will also continue weekly Swim with Pedro series, a safe, guided and fun environment for swimmers of all levels, in San Francisco Bay on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. from June7-December 2020; Thursday night swims will run at 6:00 p.m. from June 28-September 2020. Advanced registration is strongly encouraged through the website.

As Water World Swim unites the world through swimming, planning and organization is also underway for a variety of international expeditions. The team will be visiting Galapagos  and is also organizing a crossing of the Strait of Messina, an expedition to Chile.on the summer 2021. For more information and itineraries as it becomes available, please visit www.waterworldswim.com.

About Water World Swim
Water World Swim is the universal expert on open water swimming. With nearly 30 years’ experience tackling the biggest aquatic challenges on Earth, Water World Swim has helped unite the world through swimming by successfully guiding excursions across the San Francisco Bay, Messina Straits, the Galapagos , the Bonifacio Channel and more. Lead by Head Coach Pedro Ordenes, who has completed more than than 900 Alcatraz crossings, Water World Swim provides a safe, guided, and fun environment for swimmers of all levels to uncover a lifelong and life-affirming love for the planet’s most exotic natural pools. For more information, please visit www.waterworldswim.com


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