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30 things Alcatraz swimmers think about during a crossing

 June 30, 2016

As swimmers, every Alcatraz crossing is unique down to the individual! But whether you swim skin or wetsuit, swim for the scenery or swim for the medals, there are definitely a handful of thoughts we all share when we're out in the bay. How many of these thoughts have run through your mind?

1. I was crazy to sign up for this.

2. No - that person right there without a wetsuit. They are crazy.

3. Do I look like a sea lion in this wetsuit?

4. The Rocky theme music is exactly what I need right now.

5. I hope my goggles don't fall off when I jump in...

6. The water is way colder than I expected.

7. Woo hoo! I’m really doing this! Go me!

8. The water really isn’t all that cold after all.

9. Wait, where am I supposed to be sighting?

10. Coach Mike said not to follow the pack.

11. #KarlTheFog

12. This chop must be what it feels like to swim in a washing machine.

13. Why am I all alone out here? Where did everyone go? Where are the kayakers and other swimmers?

14. THERMOCLINE. Oh man. Yeah, that’s cold. How much longer will this last?

15. Ah.. bath water. So much nicer.


17. Coach Pedro said there’s no harmful sharks in the Bay, right?

18. But what about that sea lion video?

19. I'm sharkbait.

20. I'm cold.

21. I'm getting out.

22. Just keep swimming!

23. Man those kids are fast.

24. Hi Coach Jake. Nice skirt!

25. Can we go to Buena Vista for breakfast?

26. I want hot chocolate or Irish Coffee.

27. I’m never going to be warm ever again in my life.

28. Oh look! The BEACH!

29. I can’t believe I did this! I am awesome!

30. I can't wait to do this again.

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