A News Cafe | Record-Setting Teen Swimmer is Honored at Tuesday’s Council Meeting

     February 5, 2014

    Hunter required 1hour, 54 minutes to complete the swim. According to his coach, Pedro Ordenes of Chile, the Enterprise High senior had to contend with 42-degree water and currents of 12 to 16 knots.

    In fact, the conflicting currents and winds conspired to force Hunter to swim an estimated 5.5 miles in order to cover the 2.5-mile-long crossing. In a blog posted on Water World Swim’s website, Ordenes says, “Believe it or not, when Hunter touched land and raised his arms and fell back in the water, even the paramedic share a tear with all of us…. he said, so young and so brave. As his coach I felt so proud for him and for all of us at Water World Swim.”

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