For clarity and making sure everyone gets what they need, please fill out the short form below in regards to your kayaker needs, whether or not we have communicated with you directly recently!

You should answer the question with what applies to you NOW, and not what applied to you when you registered. For example, if you registered for this swim needing a kayaker and a kayak and that hasn't changed, choose "I need WWS to provide both a kayak and a kayaker." If your original registration choice changed (even if we confirmed it with you), please select the option that reflects the change. If you now need a kayak or kayaker, please note that you will be asked to pay the required fee if you have not done so already.

If you are bringing your own kayaker, you will find two links in the form: one to fill a mandatory waiver, and a second to join the kayaker roster. Your kayaker will need to complete both these items in order to kayak for you.

If you have any questions about kayaking, please email our kayak lead Taylor Hurt at and if you have any problems with the form or your registration, please contact Lauren Cassidy at