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Successful Bonifacio crossing by New Waves swimmers from WWS

The Bonifacio Channel swim performed by Anaya (13) and Mitali Khanzode (17), Saumitr Dikhit (15), Hana Lip (17) and Riley Lim (17) on June 27, 2019 was the culmination of 9 months of preparation that began in October of 2018.  From October through December of 2018, The 5 athletes took on a light training schedule to test their commitment to this venture.  The families and coaches wanted tot make sure the kids would be able to manage their time effectively enough to take on a 4-month training program that would coincide with the most difficult time in their school year. Satisfied that the the kids would be able to time manage, Water World Swim coaches Kathy Winkler, Jake Glodowski and Michael Lockwood designed a training program that would begin in Early March and continue, to June 26; one day prior to their event.

The official 4-month training program was multi-faceted.  The swimmers practiced open water feeding, swimming as a group, sighting, temperature acclimation, stroke technique as well as strength, and stamina building.  We were also fortunate to get practice dodging jellyfish in the waters off of Reina Bianca beach in the days leading up to their swim. The swimmers were physically and mentally prepared to face their challenge.  It is interesting to note that, while the swimmers worked flawlessly as a team during the 15K swim from Corsica to Reina Bianca in Sardinia, each swimmer faced and overcame their own personal struggles during the, approximately,  4 1/2 hours that they were in the water. Perhaps each swimmer can tell their own personal account of what they experienced in the water.  They will all know exactly what is meant when I say that Hana displayed true leadership.  Riley embodied devotion.  Anaya showed resilience.  Saumitr persevered and Mitali's strategic thinking kept our team's time under 5 hours despite a rough, head on ebb tide that was waiting for them at the last 3 kilometers.