Bridge to Bridge 10K results!


Congratulations to these elite 2014 B2B finishers!

Despite the fog, visibility for this morning's 8th Annual 2014 Bridge to Bridge 10K swim was good and the water was a balmy 67 degrees, and no swimmer was repositioned! This year were some of the fastest times on record for this race. First in was wetsuit swimmer Colum Lavelle of Chicago, IL who came in at 1:09:41, followed by the first skin in Golda Marcus of Campbell, CA in 1:09:48. Our own coach Rebecca Konkel came in first female wetsuit and first male skin was Andrew Wynn. We also had two young swimmers - Faith Hale, 17, and Angel More, 11 - who finished in phenomenal times.

Thank you to our sponsors Finis, Sports Basement, and Mack's Earplugs for providing materials and support for our swimmers! This is a beautiful race that takes you from one landmark to another, providing not only a fantastic long course event but also all the coastal sights San Francisco Bay offers. Congratulations!

1:09:41 Colum Lavelle M 41 Wetsuit Chicago CA USA 1ST WETSUIT IN; 1ST MALE WETSUIT
1:09:48 Golda Marcus F 31 Skin (non-wetsuit) Campbell CA USA 1ST SKIN IN; 1ST FEMALE SKIN
1:10:17 Gina Panacci F 25 Skin (non-wetsuit) Burlingame CA USA
1:13:08 Andrew Wynn M 25 Skin (non-wetsuit) San Francisco CA USA 1ST MALE SKIN
1:13:32 Michael Garlie M 38 Skin (non-wetsuit) Belmont CA USA
1:14:03 Rodrigo Lestrade M 39 Wetsuit MEXICO CITY - MEXICO
1:14:08 Rebecca Konkel F 52 Wetsuit San Francisco CA USA 1ST FEMALE WETSUIT
1:14:11 Thomas Hale M 44 Skin (non-wetsuit) Laguna Beach CA USA
1:14:42 Joshua Berger M 46 Wetsuit San Leandro CA USA
1:15:36 Stephanie Henry F 40 Wetsuit KENILWORTH IL USA
1:16:17 Steve Knauer M 51 Skin (non-wetsuit) Los Gatos CA USA
1:16:24 Brittany Schlunt F 24 Skin (non-wetsuit) San Francisco CA USA
1:16:56 Abbey Brau F 26 Skin (non-wetsuit) Minneapolis MN USA
1:17:30 Michella Thomas F 46 Skin (non-wetsuit) San Diego CA USA
1:17:46 Andy Hewitt M 51 Skin (non-wetsuit) San Diego CA USA
1:17:46 Tom Hecker M 62 Skin (non-wetsuit) San Diego CA USA
1:18:05 Danielle Bird F 34 Skin (non-wetsuit) San Francisco CA USA
1:18:23 Nicole Martin F 41 Wetsuit San Mateo CA USA
1:18:37 Fred Blair M 44 Wetsuit Fairfield CA USA
1:18:53 Linea Ross F 47 Wetsuit Walnut Creek CA USA
1:18:55 Doug Muntz M 63 Wetsuit San Jose CA USA
1:19:14 Michael Tschantz-Hahn M 47 Skin (non-wetsuit) Wilmette IL USA
1:19:33 George Giles M 54 Wetsuit Fairfield CA USA
1:22:45 Michael Goble M 29 Skin (non-wetsuit) Sunnyvale CA USA
1:23:53 Brandon Drew M 38 Skin (non-wetsuit) San Francisco CA USA
1:24:00 Faith Hale F 17 Skin (non-wetsuit) Laguna Beach CA USA
1:24:10 Gabriel Speyer M 41 Wetsuit San Francisco CA USA
1:24:14 Lara Cardy F 27 Wetsuit San Jose CA USA
1:24:46 Gregory Ding M 55 Wetsuit Palo Alto CA USA
1:26:11 Angel More M 11 Wetsuit San Carlos CA USA
1:26:15 Chuck Worley M 68 Wetsuit Cupertino CA USA
1:29:58 Marcos Lacayo M 31 Wetsuit san francisco CA USA
1:29:59 Steve Green M 54 Skin (non-wetsuit) San Diego CA USA
1:30:12 Donald Nichols M 52 Wetsuit hayward CA USA
1:31:04 Chris Kellerman M 43 Skin (non-wetsuit) Redwood City CA USA
1:32:31 Adam Adams M 45 Wetsuit San Mateo CA USA
1:33:06 Carlos Colindres M 36 Wetsuit Hawthorne CA USA
1:33:07 Martina Hanna F 46 Skin (non-wetsuit) Novato CA USA
1:36:26 Noelle Christensen F 42 Wetsuit san jose CA USA
1:40:58 Edita Brychta F 53 Wetsuit Los Angeles CA USA
1:41:36 Samantha Offringa F 32 Wetsuit San Francisco CA USA
1:44:00 Robyn Beresh F 38 Skin (non-wetsuit) Culver City CA USA
1:49:38 Laurel Larsen F 31 Skin (non-wetsuit) Berkeley CA USA
1:51:16 Sabrina Rohatgi F 24 Wetsuit Saratoga CA USA
1:52:36 Eugene Whitlinger M 55 Wetsuit Federal Way WA USA
1:53:05 Christina Rocco F 33 Wetsuit El Cerrito CA USA
1:54:05 Tono Estrada M 38 Skin (non-wetsuit) Novato CA USA
1:55:56 James Geoffrey Gardner M 63 Wetsuit San Jose CA USA

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  1. Michael Garlie

    Awesome video! That was so fun, can’t for next year!!!

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