AUGUST 3, 2024 · 50 SWIMMERS

Bridge to Bridge

6.2 Mi (10K) from Golden Gate to Bay Bridge

This 10K (approx. 6.2 mi) race begins at the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge and finishes at the Bay Bridge. This legendary swim is recommended for elite swimmers wanting to race between two landmark bridges in the exciting bay waters! With stunning views of all San Francisco’s great landmarks – the bridges, the Presidio, Palace of Fine Arts, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Embarcadero – this is a swimming tour of a race if there ever was one. You won’t want to miss out on this San Francisco bay adventure! This swim is with the current and also great practice for longer endurance swims such as Manhattan Island and the English Channel.

Swimmers will list their experience when they register and this information will be heavily considered. Feel free to submit your pool or open water mile times, or previous race results and experience, for consideration before registering by contacting us.



Colum Lavelle · 1:09:41 · 2014


Golda Marcus · 1:09:48 · 2014

A test of Endurance.

Join 50 swimmers in this 10K swim across San Francisco between the bridges.
A thrilling race and scenic citywide tour all in one! This is a beautiful bucket list item for endurance swimmers. No wonder it fills up over 6 months in advance!


Safety is our priority in challenging waters! Participants must be at least 12 years old to participate by signing up online. No children under 7 are accepted. Children under 12 must be evaluated by a Water World Swim coach in a private session for a non-refundable $95 fee and must be registered at time of evaluation. The fee also covers an accompanying coach in the water during the swim. Registration will be refunded if the minor is deemed not suitable to participate.

If the under 12 minor is coming from out of town and is unable to be assessed by Water World Swim, we require a certified coach to evaluate the minor and contact us via email or written documentation certifying their ability and recommending their participation. Out of town minors under 12 must pay an additional $95 to have an accompanying coach in the water.

Contact us about having your young swimmer join us!

Bridge to Bridge 2023 Finishers




121Tyler LawWetsuitMale1:36:02.7
233Netani RossWetsuitMale1:38:59.1
346Guillaume VambenepeWetsuitMale1:39:01.9
415Jimmy HongWetsuitMale1:40:27.0
532Vivian RedmondSkinFemale1:42:11.6
66Joshua BeirneWetsuitMale1:45:15.4
714Luke HonesWetsuitMale1:46:30.3
850Alexandra WoodWetsuitFemale1:47:39.5
941Scott ThatcherSkinMale1:47:55.5
109Zach GreenSkinMale1:48:16.9
1149Doug WilsonWetsuitMale1:59:26.3
1244Dan TuchlerWetsuitMale2:00:40.1
1330Vanessa RamosWetsuitFemale2:02:28.4
1443Peter TransburgWetsuitMale2:02:47.8
155Christina BaudisWetsuitFemale2:04:07.6
1613Wesley HillWetsuitMale2:04:42.6
1711Michael HarrisSkinMale2:06:07.1
1824Antonio MarzoWetsuitMale2:06:55.0
194Darryl BalderasWetsuitMale2:08:17.8
2045Pim TuylsSkinMale2:08:43.1
2134Calvin SandersWetsuitMale2:09:00.3
2231Tatiana BrockmanWetsuitFemale2:11:25.1
2352Alexandra GouSkinMale2:15:42.8
2416Rosemary IresonWetsuitFemale2:15:44.5
2529Meghana ParanjapeWetsuitFemale2:16:49.6
263Lee BaileyWetsuitMale2:16:52.8
2717Jay KeithSkinMale2:17:13.1
2851Jeanie YeungWetsuitFemale2:17:16.9
2947Peter VerrijzerWetsuitMale2:19:03.0
3010Jack GuedjWetsuitMale2:22:00.1
312Evan AuchardSkinMale2:23:32.3
3218Mitali KhanzodeSkinFemale2:25:10.3
3320Susan LarossaWetsuitFemale2:29:02.6
347Denise CarrWetsuitFemale2:34:32.2
3539Scott SympsonWetsuitMale2:36:50.0
3642Ted ThompsonWetsuitMale2:37:15.6
378Levy GerzbergWetsuitMale2:37:36.0
3822Ana Makins-SaganWetsuitFemale2:38:32.4
3925Duncan McCallumWetsuitMale2:38:33.4
4026Brandelle McIntoshWetsuitFemale2:39:40.5
4140Jacob TanzWetsuitMale2:39:55.7
4238John SwitzerWetsuitMale2:42:51.1

Overall – Female



132Vivian RedmondSkinFemale1:42:11.6
250Alexandra WoodWetsuitFemale1:47:39.5
330Vanessa RamosWetsuitFemale2:02:28.4
45Christina BaudisWetsuitFemale2:04:07.6
531Tatiana BrockmanWetsuitFemale2:11:25.1
616Rosemary IresonWetsuitFemale2:15:44.5
729Meghana ParanjapeWetsuitFemale2:16:49.6
851Jeanie YeungWetsuitFemale2:17:16.9
918Mitali KhanzodeSkinFemale2:25:10.3
1020Susan LarossaWetsuitFemale2:29:02.6
117Denise CarrWetsuitFemale2:34:32.2
1222Ana Makins-SaganWetsuitFemale2:38:32.4
1326Brandelle McIntoshWetsuitFemale2:39:40.5

Overall – Male



121Tyler LawWetsuitMale1:36:02.7
233Netani RossWetsuitMale1:38:59.1
346Guillaume VambenepeWetsuitMale1:39:01.9
415Jimmy HongWetsuitMale1:40:27.0
56Joshua BeirneWetsuitMale1:45:15.4
614Luke HonesWetsuitMale1:46:30.3
741Scott ThatcherSkinMale1:47:55.5
89Zach GreenSkinMale1:48:16.9
949Doug WilsonWetsuitMale1:59:26.3
1044Dan TuchlerWetsuitMale2:00:40.1
1143Peter TransburgWetsuitMale2:02:47.8
1213Wesley HillWetsuitMale2:04:42.6
1311Michael HarrisSkinMale2:06:07.1
1424Antonio MarzoWetsuitMale2:06:55.0
154Darryl BalderasWetsuitMale2:08:17.8
1645Pim TuylsSkinMale2:08:43.1
1734Calvin SandersWetsuitMale2:09:00.3
1852Alexandra GouSkinMale2:15:42.8
193Lee BaileyWetsuitMale2:16:52.8
2017Jay KeithSkinMale2:17:13.1
2147Peter VerrijzerWetsuitMale2:19:03.0
2210Jack GuedjWetsuitMale2:22:00.1
232Evan AuchardSkinMale2:23:32.3
2439Scott SympsonWetsuitMale2:36:50.0
2542Ted ThompsonWetsuitMale2:37:15.6
268Levy GerzbergWetsuitMale2:37:36.0
2725Duncan McCallumWetsuitMale2:38:33.4
2840Jacob TanzWetsuitMale2:39:55.7
2938John SwitzerWetsuitMale2:42:51.1

Skin – Overall



132Vivian RedmondSkinFemale1:42:11.6