Gulf Marathon – Italy 2022

Capri-Napoli is one of the most fascinating and difficult competitions in the world. Since 1992, helds a long distance world title, now the crossing swimming race Capri-Napoli is a “FINA World Grand Prix” leg over a distance of 36 km as the crow file distance.


36K Marathon Swim · July 8, 2022

Capri-Napoli is the oldest marathon among the competitions of the FINA world open water swimming circuits and one of the most fascinating and difficult swimming marathon. Until 1992 it awarded the long distance world title.
Now it is leg of the annual World UltraMarathon Swim Series. The Gulf of Naples is the fascinating “race field” of this historic event which usually starts from Marina Grande in Capri and finishing at Naples seafront, over the distance of 36 km.

This is an event organized by the Italian Marathon Swim Association. Water World Swim, as one of the sponsors is invited to participate by getting a limited number of spots available for only approved by WWS swimmers. So get yours soon and we’ll meet there soon!

Capri Napoli Relay Team 2022

Massimiliano Ferrario

🇮🇹 Italy
“There are few men who can speak to the sea and here few do not give it to them.
I am really excited to be part of this fantastic team and to contribute my strokes to this adventure. Go go go!”

Patricia Jacobus

🇺🇸 United States
“Swimming the 36K Capri-Napoli crossing is a dream I didn’t know I had. I grew up in Naples and swam in those beautiful blue waters all the time as a kid. I never imagined I would return as a member of an open water relay team ready to take part in this difficult and prestigious event. It’s going to be hard, but this team of good friends has the heart and determination to get it done. I’m looking forward to all of it. Forza Ragazzi!”

Angelika Joast

🇦🇹 Austria
“This is my second time on a relay team and I love the experience! Lap swimming can get a little repetitive and boring after a while. Being part of a team makes me feel more accountable, so I’m less likely to skip a workout. Or when I feel tired or discouraged, I remember that I am part of a team that needs me to do my part. It’s just a lot more fun to train towards a common goal. “

Kevin Hayes

🇺🇸 United States
“I’m returning for my second Italian swim voyage, this time with good friends in a relay. My other was a Messina Strait crossing, where I saw what can only be described as a Charybdis-like whirlpool and also experienced the wrath of ‘medusa’ but I made it through and had lots of fun making new friendships that I still enjoy today. Excited to see the Italiano cielo blu and feel the warm water again!”

Pim Tuyls

🇧🇪 Belgium
“I am looking forward to swim the “Mare Nostrum” from Capri to Napoli with this very nice team of friends that I have been training with for a while. We might be the “oldest” team, but we are also the most international and a very motivated one! Looking forward to see everyone and have a pizza together!”

Dominic Gallello

🇺🇸 United States
“Love doing these cool races – Arctic Circle, Asia to Europe, Golden Gate to Bay Bridge.  Dad was born in Calabria so the Messina swim was special.  Mom was born in Naples so Cap/Nap again has real meaning.  Great team will give us great results!”
Featured WWS Swimmers

Lori King

New York

July 12, 2019 · 2nd place
TIME: 8hr 9min 10sec.


Robert McGlashan

Toronto, Ontario

June 28, 2019 · 3rd place
TIME: 9hr 53min 16sec.


Gaia Naldini


September 20, 2018
FINAL TIME: 8hr 59min 20sec.

Rules of Marathon Swim

Marathon swimmers embrace the challenge of crossing wild, open bodies of water with minimal assistance beyond their own physical strength and mental fortitude. There are ways to make the sport easier, but marathon swimmers consciously eschew them.
These Rules may be used by any swimmer who wishes to attempt a swim for which there is no local governing body. They also may be used by local governing bodies wishing to adopt a global standard, or as a foundation upon which to establish local exceptions.

For more information and news about this event, please visit the official website

2022 WWS Coach Team and Capri Napoli Commitee

Alessandro Gottardis

WWS Italy Coach
Our Italy Water World Swim Coach will be an observer of this long distance swim to certify the route and add this challenging swim to the list of our International events.  Alessandro is Water World Swim Italy branch Coach as swim instructor, coach of the Italian Swim Federation and lifeguard. He trained children and young adults from 7 to 20 years, and some of them have won national youth championships in his country. In 2012 he met Coach Pedro, completed his first Alcatraz, and discovered cold water swims. Read more

Coach Pedro Ordenes

WWS Coach & Director, ASCA/WSCA Coach Pedro as founder and director of  WWS International Swim program, together with WWS Italy, Coach Ale, were present at this Marathon Swim for Water World Swim. Coach Pedro, himself has experienced other challenges like a number of Ironman swim distances, as swimming across the frigid waters of the Strait of Magellan and Beagle Channel and the English Channel. He is proud to add this marathon swim as another challenge to the list of our prestigious international swims to attract swimmers from all over the world. Read more

Luciano Cotena

President of Caprinapoli organization commitee
Luciano is an expert in sports and marketing. As the Chief Executive Officer since 2003, of “Eventualmente Eventi & Comunicazione”, aids the communications and organization of official national/international sporting events including swimming, water polo, high diving, boxing, basketball, volleyball, running, soccer, futsal and triathlon. In 2006, Luciano was President of the Organizing Committee of the 4th FINA open water swimming Championships, held in Naples. In 2009, he was the consultant of the open water swimming for the FINA world championships in Rome and have continued since as a FINA consultant helping to develop and expand the sport of open water swimming.