Swimming and fun at the Chilean seaside

Get your share of sun and sand in Chile’s beachside port cities Valparaiso and Vina del Mar with Coach Pedro! Daily swims are scheduled to be 2-5km from January 17-24.

This is a great option for swimmers of varying endurance levels who enjoy warmer water and are up for challenging swims. Outside the water you’ll enjoy local fresh food, spectacular views and sights, and wonderful Chilean wine! You’ll even tour the vineyards and dine amongst the grapes.

Vina del Mar

Vina del Mar means “vineyard of the sea” and it is also known as “the garden city” – could it be any better? Its long white sandy beaches are the biggest draw for tourists and its sister city is none other than Sausalito, California. With its generally consistent warm-summer Mediterranean climate, those beaches are always inviting!

Outside of swimming, you’ll enjoy the wine sampling at the top of the line vineyards in the region.


Valparaiso is home to one of the Pacific’s greatest sea ports and is even the headquarters for the Chilean National Congress. Its mild Mediterranean climate is not unlike San Francisco, with occasional fog. The port, bringing in its first ship in 1536, is so historically important that residents of Valparaiso are called porteños (porteñas for the ladies).

With its streets sanctioned as World Heritage sites for their beautiful and historic architecture, you’ll be sure to enjoy the town as well as its beaches!

playa el sol

Playa El Sol


Playa Acapulco


Vina del Mar