Clinics 101 – prepare for summer events!

 March 30, 2014

If you've swimming any of our events this summer, taking on Sharkfest, Escape from Alcatraz, Hope For Crohn's Blue Wave Triathlon/Duathlon or any other upcoming events with a swim leg, we're here to get you ready for the big day!

Many swimmers who have trained with us during our clinics have reported better times in their competitions, plus they felt strong and confident during their race. We have several upcoming clinics out in the bay this spring and summer to help you get a head start and improve your stroke and speed.

In our shop, you'll find three types of clinics: Crissy Field, Bay Clinics, and Special Clinics.


Not sure which clinic is good for you?

  • Bay clinics take you out to Alcatraz itself on a boat to directly experience particular patches of water. They are normally $195 for nonmembers and $140 for members, sometimes with discounts for certain non-WWS events.
  • Crissy Field clinics don't take you out to Alcatraz, but you get a 1-mile practice swim and plenty of time to talk Alcatraz with coaches to prepare you for your crossing or event. They run $35 for non-members and free for members.
  • Special clinics are generally intended for triathletes or other unique participants, but all are welcome. Pricing varies.

This year, Water World Swim is organizing the swim legs for the following events:

  • Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon
  • Rachel A. Bonner Hope For Crohn's Blue Wave Triathlon/Duathlon

If you are participating in either of these events, you may be eligible for discounted prices or free workout sessions in our shop. Email us or your event organizer for details!

Want to support Hope For Crohn's by participating in their event? Sign up here!

Crissy Field Clinics

If you're attending a Crissy Field clinic, you'll be doing a 1-mile practice swim along the shoreline with coaches and safety (both are always present at our swims) to guide you and talk about swimming Alcatraz. You'll start at the East Beach and swim to the St. Francis Yacht Harbor.

This length is much like the last swim leg of many big events, and you'll experience some of the bay and ocean currents and water you'll find out near The Rock.

Bay Clinics

During this Alcatraz clinic, swimmers are transported to Alcatraz by boat. Once we arrive at Alcatraz, participants swim parallel to the island to experience sighting and feel the currents of the bay. After the swimmers return to the boat, they are taken to the potato patch where they can experience the rough water directly in front of Alcatraz.

This is very valuable experience so that on race day you don’t encounter an unwelcome surprise – you are ready! The last jump is usually near the destination of the race and swimmers practice their sighting, and “feel” the water near the cove opening to Aquatic Park, the steps of the Saint Francis Yacht Club or Crissy Field. You will learn about the currents you might expect during your race and plan your route accordingly.

Special Clinics

Check our calendar for special clinics and their details. At the moment, we have a few at the end of May geared towards triathletes - especially those looking to get some practice in right before Escape from Alcatraz that weekend.

Despite this, all swimmers looking to get into a clinic are welcome, even if you are not preparing for a triathlon or other non-WWS event. Many of these will take you out in the bay like our Bay Clinics, but check the details for each one.

What you need to register for a clinic

To register for a clinic, you'll need to have filled out a waiver (just once per year) and register online in our shop. If you're a member, you'll need to RSVP on our calendar for Crissy Field Clinics.


  1. Jody

    Do you have swim results for previous golden gate bridge swims?

    • Water World Swim

      Hi Jody! Yes, we will be creating an archive of past results from all this week. Stay tuned!

  2. |

    These sound like an awesome events to try out! I will definitely have to keep them in mind! Thanks for sharing your information!

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