Conversation with open water swimmers Lodha sisters

     May 25, 2020

    Conversations with Coach Pedro. - Coach Pedro interviews two members of Water World Swim, from the "New Waves" team, swimmers under 18 years old.  Manisva and Mahika, 16 and 14 years old, both students at Cupertino High School, in California, have been swimming open waters of the San Francisco bay, for over 5 years. After being sheltered in place at home for two months, it was interesting to see them coming back with great attitude and energy to take part on our first two training sessions in the Bay.

    This conversation will teach many young ones as also seasoned swimmers, to learn about the discipline and commitment takes to enjoy and also to get experience in this challenging sport that it is open water swim, specially to train in cold waters of the Bay.

    These two ladies, have shown dedication and love for the sport, and it was a great pleasure to have it on this episode of Conversation with Coach Pedro.