Cuba: Tours & El Torneo Internacional Ramón Cordovés de Beon

Cuba: the no longer forbidden fruit of the Caribbean! As of July 20, 2015, the freedom to travel to this colorful landscape has returned to us amid new diplomacy, so we were proud to lead the first swim trip to the island, as we are invited by the Cuban Swim Federation to participate in a series of open water competitions. And we had such a good time, we're coming back!

During our week there, we'll discover iconic Old Havana and sample Cuban culture and food as well as participate in daily swim clinics. We are invited by the Cuban Swimming Federation to participate in a series of competitive swims in the open water and see their professional swimmers and water players at their best. Participation in the competition is optional but don't miss out on the opportunity to compete in Cuba!



Women (30-34)
2nd Angela Andelson 37:39 (only three hundredths of a second from first place)
3rd Andrea Vuturo Hawley 40:41

Women (60-64)
1st Katie Krieves 51:58 sec


Women (18-24)
1st Kelsey Maguire 1:16.58

Women (50-54)
1st Denise Carr 1:35.09

Women (60-64)
1st Katie Krieves 1:30.25
3rd Guila Muir 1:50.06

Men (40-44)
4th Jake Glodowski

Men (70-74)
2nd Levy Gerzberg 1:49.90

2nd heat 2nd team
1st Carlos Rodriguez 1:05.22
3rd Steven Sutton 1:17.77


How are we able to travel to Cuba?

Diplomatic relations are now normalizing, and the US Embassy has reopened! Nearly everything regarding travel to Cuba has changed. We are able to go as a group for the purpose of cultural exchange/sport, sharing our love of swimming with Cuban swimmers.

For our first trip and now our second, we have an official invite from the Cuban Swimming Federation to participate in competition.

Friends & family welcome! Non-swimmers will also have a blast.
At A Glance


Lodging at Hotel Copacabana in Havana (included in your registration fee) features a "sea pool" in addition to a regular pool!

Trip overview and details


  • $1775 refundable deposit to secure your spot (non-refundable beginning March 1, 2017 12:00am PST)
  • $3550 final price, including a shared/double room
  • $3745 final price, including a private/single room

Package includes:

  • Transportation from José Martí International Airport to the resort and back on last day
  • 8 nights lodging in Havana and Varadero
  • Round trip airfare between Miami-Havana
  • 2 coaches
  • Daily tours & swimming
  • Visa & documentation fees and processing
  • Medical insurance

Package does not include:

  • Travel insurance (strongly recommended)
  • Airfare to and from Miami (Miami-Havana included)
  • Anything not specified
  • Credit card usage fees

All information presented on this page subject to change.

Water temperatures are tropical and glorious - leave the wetsuit at home!

Currency and Language
The currency in Cuba is the Cuban peso. Coach Pedro can help navigate Spanish.

Swimming Distances
Swim distances will range from approximately 1k to 5k. Competition on the last day will be timed and there will be medals, but swimmers are welcome to swim at their own pace.

Group Size 
Water World Swim is committed to minimizing our impact on wildlife and the environment. We have small groups, a maximum of 30 people with at least two certified, experienced open water swim coaches, two local swim guides, and local boat pilots that practice responsible tourism. The swim groups are organized based on speed and ability.

Essential Equipment
In addition to normal daily clothes you will need to bring the following:

  • Swimsuit (2)              
  • Walking shoes
  • Swimming goggles (2) *             
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Towel                                           
  • Sun Hat and Sunglasses
  • Waterproof sun block                 
  • Small backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Aqua shoes/sandals/flip flops

 Please note that Water World Swim will supply swim caps.

*Try to bring at least 1 clear lens and 1 tinted lens for different light conditions. We recommend one clear goggle, one smoke, and one blue or yellow. Goggles are light, and you can never bring too many back-ups of your favorite pair.

Optional Equipment
These items are optional. However, we do recommend that you bring them to give you more comfort options:

  • Wetsuit
  • Swim aids as zoomers or fins
  • Snorkel and mask
  • Rash vest to protect you from the sun.
  • Body Glide
  • Neoprene cap, if your head gets cold easily

Walking Conditions
Most walks will be on recognized paths and tracks. Some walks may be over trails, or uneven terrain.

Master de Natación Varadero April 2017

Note: Arrival April 17, departure April 24 (7 nights and 8 days)

April 17 Monday: El Morro

  • Welcome Airport.
  • Transfer and lodging at Copacabana hotel (6 nights)
  • Briefing Event (Organization, and/or possible changes)
    • Swimming Training Natural Pool (Clinic).
    • Dinner, Paladar San Cristóbal (Visited Michel Obama).
  • Visit Morro-Cabaña (Cannon Shot Ceremony at 9 pm)
  • Briefing, and to rest time hotel.

April 18 Tuesday: Old Havana

  • Breakfast (hotel).
  • Open Water Swimming (Area Copacabana Hotel, Miramar)
  • Visit Old Havana, and Lunch (Private restaurant) Dona Eutimia.
    • Swimming Training Natural Pool (Clinic 1 hour)
  • Dinner (private restaurant) Paladar Rio Mar
  • Briefing, and to rest time hotel.

April 19 Wednesday: Santa Maria del Mar Beach, East La Havana.

  • Breakfast (hotel).
  • Open Water Swimming (Santa Maria del Mar, East La Havana).
  • Visit Castillo del Morro and lunch Restaurant Divina Pastora.
    • Swimming Training Natural Pool (Clinic 1 hour)
  • Dinner (private restaurant) Paladar Café Laurent.
  • Visit National Hotel / Bohemian Gato Tuerto night club / walk to malecon avenue.
  • Briefing, to rest time hotel.

April 20 Thursday: City Tour La Havana

  • Swimming Training Natural Pool or Marcelo Salado Pool (Clinic 1 hour)
  • Breakfast (hotel).
  • Open Water Swim (Marina Hemingway, Playa)
  • Lunch Restaurant VIP Vedado (Calle 9 entre E y F, buena aceptación grupo anterior)
  • Old car city tour (modern & old Havana), final stop artisan market San Jose.
    • Swimming Training Natural Pool (Clinic 1 hour)
    • Restaurant La Bonita (7ma No. 3602 y 36 Miramar, buena aceptación grupo anterior)
  • Briefing and rest time hotel.

April 21 Friday: Walking La Havana

  • Breakfast (hotel).
  • Open Water Swimming (Playa Tarara)
  • Visit Fabrica Tabacos Partagas / To Walk El Vedado (Universidad Havana, Coopelia, Jardines National Hotel, La Torre, Focsa)
  • Lunch (Private restaurant) Paladar Mediterraneo Havana.
    • Swimming Training Natural Pool with Cuban Swimmers (Clinic 1 hour)
  • Dinner (private restaurant) El Cocinero.
  • Fabrica de Arte
  • Briefing and to rest time hotel. 

April 22 Saturday: Swimming Varadero Beach Team

  • Bright Early breakfast (finish at 7:30 am)
  • Transfer to Matanzas - Varadero Beach.
  • Stop Bacunayagua Bridge (quickly snack, and panoramic view)
  • Swimming Training: Club Cocodrilo del Tenis, Bahia Matanzas (Rogelio club coach, and WWS Califiornia coaches, and Cuban Swimming Federation coach)
  • Transfer to Varadero Beach, check in and accommodation in Memories Varadero Hotel (all Inclusive) 1 night.
  • Lunch at the hotel.
  • Briefing and to rest time hotel.

April 23 Sunday: Open Water Swim Competition (Varadero)

  • Bright Early breakfast (hotel).
  • Medical check, registration, and marking.
  • Competition (Open Water Swim 3K-5K, Varadero Beach).
  • Final ceremony competition (party with Cuban swimmers).
  • Lunch at the hotel, or Varadero restaurant…??
  • Transfer to La Havana. Accommodation hotel Copacabana Bed and Breakfast.
  • Dinner L’Atelier Paladar and free time to celebrate. 

April 24 Monday: Depart / See you next year!

  • Bright early breakfast at hotel
  • Transfer to International Airport.
  • Flight Back to USA.

Your flights between Miami and Havana are covered, so your responsibility is your itinerary between your origin and Miami. Stay tuned for flight times so you can make preparations!

Marine Life Disclaimer
Swimming off Cuba is an amazing experience, but you need to be aware of potential challenges. We will minimize potential challenges and will brief you on how to responsibly interact with marine life. Our escort boats are equipped to treat the most common minor issues. However, it is your responsibility to contact us prior to booking if you suffer from Anaphylaxis or other medical conditions and allergies. You should seek medical attention if you develop any infection following contact with the above. We recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance.

The safety of our swimmers, and environmental responsibility are the two priorities for Water World Swim. For safety reasons we rely on decent weather conditions during all swim crossings. Open water swimming requires an inherent degree of flexibility. The planned itinerary may change. This adds to the uniqueness of each tour!

Water World Swim respects the natural environment. Leave nothing but footprints; take nothing but photos! We are committed to social and environmental responsibility and practices that minimize our presence and impact to sea life and the natural habitat.

Ask us about the trip or let us know you're interested!
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