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Upcoming 1 on1 Stroke Evaluation with Coach Mike 7/7

 April 14, 2024
  •  July 7, 2024
     9:15 am - 10:00 am
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We meet at the bleachers at Aquatic Park. There are two sets of amphitheater-style bleachers; we'll be at one of them at beach level. Look for crazy people taking their clothes off and zipping up wetsuits 🙂

A waiver is required for this swim! Fill one out if you haven't yet for 2024.

 1 on 1 Stroke Evaluation with Coach Mike

Water is 1000x the density of air. This is why posture is so important to a swimmer’s
performance. Ideally, we want to achieve an alignment that decreases resistance while, at the
same time, increases propulsive contact with the water. “Streamline position” reduces the
amount of our body that encounters resistance from the water. Of course, if we just sit there
holding a perfect streamline position, we will go nowhere. We must break our streamline
position so that our arms and legs can make contact with the water to provide the force that
drives us forward. Choosing the appropriate amount of contact ensures we are pushing against
the water in a way that maximizes forward motion. The delicate balance between reducing
resistance and creating propulsion is achieved by fine tuning our stroke mechanics.
By swimming smarter, not harder, you can work with the water to increase your speed. Sign up
for Water World Swim’s 88 point (Yes 88) stroke evaluation. We will look closely at the
mechanics of your stroke. We will see exactly which adjustments you can make to put your
body in better alignment, exhibit better streamlining and make the best contact with the water.
By knowing your strengths and weaknesses regarding stroke technique, you will know which
areas to focus on to improve. Your evaluation will include drills that specifically address the
adjustments you can make to see the most improvement.


Clinic Schedule


  • 9:15am - Meet at Aquatic Park bleachers be suited up and ready to go.
  • 9:20am – Coach Mike will begin the clinic and get you into the water
  • 10:00 am – Session ends and you can join the weekly Swim With Pedro session



499 Jefferson Street, San Francisco, California, 94109, United States