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Expired 8/8/2021 Triathlon/Swim Clinic at Alcatraz

 October 22, 2020
  •  August 8, 2021
     6:30 am - 12:30 pm
We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

"Please note that we send out information for each swim (prior to the event) using MAILCHIMP. If you have not received a notice from us before your swim, please be sure to check your spam mail as it might be stuck there!"

August 8th, 2021
Twenty (20) swimmers will practice swimming for 10-20 minutes at a time near Alcatraz and St. Francis
Athletes will then practice transitions, a short bike ride and run, and sit with our coaches for Q&A! (Swim only available)
Curious about this swim? Read more about it here!
triclin-bannerRegistered swimmers will receive an email 1 week prior to race day confirming conditions, temperatures, times, locations, parking options, etc. Passenger space, if available, will be made available for registration and announced in that email as well. If you do not receive the e-mail in your inbox please check your Spam folder as these type mailers often end up there.

Water World Swim’s triathlon clinics are run by experienced open water swim coaches and world class triathletes. Be prepared, reduce anxiety, and get an edge over your competition by experiencing your triathlon course prior to race day. This clinic is broken up into four phases. Swim only athletes will head directly to phase two.

Your registration is non-refundable. Please review our refund and rollover policies before registering.


First, you will meet our experienced triathlon coaches at the swim/bike (T1) transition area to practice setting up your bike for a smooth swim to bike transition. They will coach you through the process of gearing up for your ride while you survey the area in order to minimize surprises on race day.


During the second portion of the clinic, you will be transported by van and then by boat out to Alcatraz Island where you will be coached on many of the details that come with swimming in san Francisco Bay. To get used to the open water, we will have you jump from the boat and swim along the northeastern side of Alcatraz Island. You can familiarize yourself with currents and get instruction and evaluation on stroke technique. After 15 minutes, you will board the boat and be transported to the approximate swim starting point of your triathlon.

Upon jumping into the water for a second time, you will begin swimming from Alcatraz to shore following the same route you will follow on race day. You will learn what land marks to sight on in order to make your swim as efficient as possible. There’s lots more to do today, so we won’t make you swim the whole thing. 15 minus is plenty of time to practice your sighting nd familiarize yourself with the waters of the bay.


Once you are back on board the boat, the third portion of the clinic begins. We will transport you to the swim finish where you will enter the water for a third time. You will be able to swim directly to the beach you will land on on race day, run to your bike that you set up earlier and be coached through your swim/bike transition. Once you are on your wheels, there will be an 8-mile bike ride focusing on the race-day course, rules of the road, climbing and gearing and riding posture.


We'll practice the bike to run transition and head out for a 4-5 mile run. Upon returning, we'll hang out at Sports Basement, get lunch, and talk tri!

Bring the following:

  • Swim suit, wetsuit, goggles - what you wear on race day.
  • Body Glide (if you plan on using on race day).
  • light sweat suit/jumpsuit and sandals or flip flops for boat.
  • Old run shoes for the run from swim finish to T1.
  • Towel
  • Bike
  • Bike helmet
  • Riding gear (gloves, shoes sunglasses bike clothes etc. - anything you will use from swim to bike transition on race day).
  • Lots of questions for your coaches!
  • Event waiver.

Event Schedule

This information is subject to change. Registered swimmers will receive an email 1 week prior to swim day confirming conditions, temperatures, times, locations, what to bring, parking options, etc. Passenger space, if available, will be made available for registration and announced in that email as well.

6:30 am
Meet at St. Francis Yacht Club parking lot. We'll check in and board a shuttle to the boat from there. Swim-only participants should also meet here, unless they have plans to get back to their cars if they parked closer to the wharf.

Roughly around this time, you'll finish the swim portion and we'll go over bike setup, transition, and head out for the bike leg.

Transition and back out for a one hour run.



St. Francis Yacht Club, 99 Yacht Rd, San Francisco, 94123