Sold Out Distance Training Swim (Kayak)

     May 31, 2023
    •  June 22, 2024
       8:30 am - 11:30 am
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    Open Water Distance Swim training (Kayak)


    Saturday, June 22th , 2024 8:30AM

    Up to 15 swimmers will join our coaches for a long distance  swim of 3 plus miles from  Warming Hut  to Aquatic Park. We will be assigning up to 4 swimmers per paddler and ask both swimmers and paddler to Stay Together as a pod for this swim.  This allows swimmers to practice feeding and hydrating while swimming and to practice staying close to support craft and taking directions (Both very important channel crossing skills!)


    The Swim

    • Route – Warming Hut to Aquatic Park
    • Distance – Approximately 3.5 miles or 5.5 K (and then back unless we shuttle)
    • This is the opposite of our last AP to WH swim in direction!
    • We will be guiding swimmers out to the RIB then turning Right
    • the distance offshore and sights will depend on the current that day


    • 8:00am - Meet at Warming Hut and Boat Setup
    • 8:15am – Briefing on the event
    • 8:30am - Swim starts.


    There is parking near  "Golden Gate Beach" just past Sports Basement and we will be launching, landing there.