Upcoming Team Hydro Alcatraz 2024 (kayak)

     February 3, 2024
    •  August 10, 2024
       8:00 am - 11:00 am
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    Team Hydro's 20th Alcatraz Swim
    for Hydrocephalus Research
    The Condition
    Hydrocephalus is a neurological condition affecting the brain, afflicting ~1 million Americans.  It is characterized by the abnormal accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) in the brain.  There is no cure, and the only treatments are surgical, requiring invasive brain surgery.  The most common treatment was developed in the 1950s and involves the implantation of a medical device (shunt) into the brain; 50% of shunts fail within 2 years of implantation, requiring additional surgeries. Awareness of and funding for hydrocephalus is extremely low relative to other conditions with similar prevalence.
    The Event
    Team Hydro swims to improve the lives of the 1 million Americans living with hydrocephalus.  Inspired by the courage and grace of their sister Kate  (who passed away in 2010) brothers Peter and Sam Finlayson founded TEAM HYDRO in 2008 during a particularly rough hospitalization.  They swam from Alcatraz that year with two of their best friends.  Since then, Team Hydro has continued to participate in open-water swims to raise funds and awareness for hydrocephalus research.  As an all-volunteer organization, The Team is able to allocate 100% of funds and to date, Team Hydro has raised over $1,250,000 for research.
    Water World Paddlers join in to help us in this cause!

    This swim Finishes at Aquatic Park!  Lots of cheering and fanfare!

    Kayakers Launch from Aquatic Park ---  Swimmers Finish at Aquatic Park

    • 0700 Meetup and Check in 
    • 0715 Briefing and Float Plan
    • 0730 Paddle Out
    • 0800 Swimmers Jump!