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Galapagos trip underway!

 April 8, 2015

Our first ever Galapagos trip is underway - at just halfway through, already everyone has met tortoises, swam with sharks and sea lions, lounged with marine iguanas, and Coach Mike got pricked by an urchin!

Swimmers Gary Workman and Andrea Hawley have shared some terrific photos with us so far and Coach Mike has sent us a great video up close with some of the marine life.

After meeting all swimmers at the Baltra Airport, Coach Pedro surprised them by saying we "cut costs" by ditching the ferry and are having everyone swim from the airport to Santa Cruz Island - a first for the history books! Despite groggy from travel, everyone jumped in and was refreshed by the water for the short 1K but nevertheless historic crossing!

They have also visited the Darwin Station and socialized with the world famous ancient tortoises, hiked some extraordinary landscape, and swum with sharks and sting rays. As Coach Pedro said with a big grin at breakfast today:

"It will be a long day today and it starts with a long swim in big surf from the island of the lions [sea lions]. And you will see some sharks today. Big sharks. Remember, no refunds!"

All kidding aside, here are some images from Gary so far!

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