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Kona Ironman™ Champion Joins Water World Swim

 November 12, 2014

Water World Swim, the internationally renowned San Francisco Bay open water swim experts, welcomes Kathy Winkler to the coaching family.

Kathy Winkler has won a spot to the World Ironman™ Championships at Kona seven times. She stood on the Kona podium six times, winning first place twice. Among many high profile races, she earned ten Escape from Alcatraz™ Triathlon first place age group finishes. As if the Ironman™ 140.6 distance was not enough, Kathy claims three first place age group wins in the Ultraman World Championships – a monumental endurance feat that thrusts athletes into a punishing a 3-day, 320-mile total (515k) swim, bike, run race on the Big Island of Hawaii.

“We are excited to have such remarkable talent in a humble and giving person,” said Water World Swim Founder Pedro Ordenes. “Kathy will help us give our triathlete and swim community the most polished and fun training experience possible. We look forward to hearing the community’s feedback on the new clinics that Kathy will launch in 2015.”

Kathy has taught kindergarten for years. She enjoys encouraging young swimmers as well as those new to open water swimming, and endurance sports.

“Set your mind to something and the possibilities are endless,” Kathy believes. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not capable, find out for yourself what you are made of, the results may surprise you. Embrace each day, see what the day gives you and make the most of it.”

Kathy began her stellar athletic career after giving birth to two daughters. She wanted to be a positive role model for them. When they were both in their early teens, they both joined their mom in an Escape from Alcatraz™ Triathlon.

“I am fortunate enough to have a fabulous support group of family that enables me to achieve what I do,” Kathy says. “I bring my tales of adventure into the classroom with me as well. My students know when I have had a bad day, how I deal with it, and how grateful I am to have the opportunity to be able to even have a bad day! Not everyone is given the chance, not everyone takes it”.


Based in San Francisco, Calif., Water World Swim was founded in 1990. Coach Pedro and his team of ASCA certified coaches have trained swimmers of all ages, goals, and abilities, including Olympians, endurance athletes, and those experiencing the open water for the first time. They have weekly swims, monthly Alcatraz crossings, a variety of annual races in the San Francisco Bay, as well as international swim excursions. Water World Swim’s New Waves Program trains kids from the ages of 6 to 17 from all over the Bay Area. The New Waves program boasts the youngest kids to ever have swam across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, one way from Alcatraz, as well as round trip from San Francisco’s Aquatic Park to Alcatraz and back. For more information, please visit waterworldswim.com.

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