Long-distance training swims

March 4, 2023

Back by popular demand! Following the coast between Warming Hut and Aquatic Park, these are great swims to get in more distance, and experience the currents and various conditions in the Bay. We help you train for your next long swim with coaching, fueling advice, and practice in the water with safety support. These are smaller group swims. Keep an eye out for various 2023 dates!

Water World Swim Coaches
Mike Lockwood, ASCA

Coach & Swim Director

Coach Mike competed with masters programs since 1995, He competed with the Tri Valley Masters , Pleasanton, California. In 2007, he was introduced to open water swimming and completed his first Alcatraz, under the eye of Coach Pedro and has been swimming and coaching in the San Francisco bay ever since, and presently coaching long distance and marathon swimmers.

Coach Mike is an ASCA certified coach. He coached and headed the Varsity coach since 1997 for 9 seasons at James Logan High School in Union City, California. 

Jake Glodowski, ASCA


Coach Jake began swimming with Pedro and Water World Swim in 2001; and never looked back! He is an accomplished age grouper triathlete in over 50 various lengths and has 5 IRONMAN under his belt. In 2010, he began coaching and became the lead kayaker for WWS in 2011, since which time he has supervised over 50 various swims.

Coach Jake has also lead swim expeditions to Cuba and the Galapagos Islands where he participated in the local triathlon and also has swam in Chile’s Pacific Ocean and lake Villarrica.