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Bob grew up in San Francisco, and is a recently retired San Francisco Police Officer after 35 years of service. He has extensive experience as a supervisor, coordinating and planning several major sporting events in the city and has also been the primary coordinator/planner for a variety of SFPD charity events.

Bob enjoys the Bay Area outdoors on the land and water as a bicyclist, runner, kayaker and hiker and takes great pride in sharing the beauty and enjoyment of SF Bay and all it has to offer.

Open Water swimming in San FranciscoBay is world renowned, challenging and a unique experience in the world of swimming. At Water World Swim, we strive to made the San Francisco Bay swim enjoyable, fun, instructional and safe. Bob is proud to be a member of the World World Team.

Come join him and the staff at Water World Swim and experience the enjoyment of San Francisco Bay Open Water Swimming.