Lauren Cassidy

Global Web & Registration Director
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Born in London to an Irish father and a Czech mother who met in South Africa, Lauren was mostly raised in Los Angeles but is now at play in San Francisco. In 2010, she finished her time at the Academy of Art University where she focused on 3D modeling and creature concept work, but maintained side pursuits of photography and design. Lauren brought her skills in web, media, and imaging to Water World Swim in 2013, starting with a brand new website.

Lauren's mother Edita Brychta has completed six Water World Swims - three Alcatraz Swim With the Centurions, two Golden Gate Bridges and one Bridge to Bridge - placing 1st in female wet suit both times in the Golden Gate Bridge race! While not currently an open water swimmer, Lauren ran the SF Marathon in 2015 and finished despite injury and is training for the LA Marathon in 2o16 - but who knows how long it will be before she dives into the bay herself!

Lauren's Training Tip
"Stretching is the most important part of your workout - your flexibility and the warmth of your muscles are key to being injury free."