Ori Sela

Israel Coach
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Hydrotherapist and veteran guide's unique field of study and training pool for babies and children with special needs, and owner of "Waterworld Uri Sela" - Center for Professional Studies swimming and water activities.

Ori is a graduate of the Wingate Institute instructors and coaches on the rehabilitation of the disabled and hydrotherapy, and has a BA (IDC) in Business Administration and Marketing.

Ori has numerous seminars and courses in handling and training for all ages in the areas of nutrition, massage, Chinese medicine and shiatsu. Uri believes that physical exercise contributes very true balance and connection between body and soul, and water treatment. In this way, each encounter with swimmers (large and small) in the water world ends with a big smile.

Ori, an athlete and a swimmer (in regattas and championships in Israel and abroad), a guide and a swimming coach, deals with fears of the water, swimming toddlers, trainer and therapist in pregnant women, swimming instructor rehabilitation and hydrotherapy (Watsu, G'hara and Oatrdns, Hey T., Hlweik) Founder swimming techniques to treat such other method WEST and Dave dive master, triathlon coach (swimming, running and bicycle), Krav Maga instructor and jumpmaster.