Pedro Ordenes

WWS Founder & Coach
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Coach Pedro is certified as a coach by the American Swim Coaches Association and the World Swim Coaches Association. He has coached for over 20 years in open water, and crossed the Strait of Magellan in temperatures below 37 degreed Fahrenheit. He also crossed the Beagle Channel, swimming round trip to Argentina and back to Chile - his home country - in similar temperatures. Pedro has participated twice in English Channel swims. He is an Alcatraz crossing legend, having swum it hundreds of times and guiding others from all over the world to make the crossing.

Coach Pedro also has over 4 Ironman world triathlon finishes and more than a dozen half Ironman triathlons. He has also organized and directed long distance swims in the San Francisco bay and abroad for over 20 years.

Pedro's Favorite Tip
"People, land, and continents are separated by oceans, and swimmers are the only ones that can unite the continents, land, and people."

In 1990, Pedro brought his passion and expertise to the Bay Area by founding Water World Swim. His mission was simple: to help swimmers make the transition from pool to open water, and to inspire a love and enthusiasm for the sport.

Water World Swim isn't just an event organizer - we are an international community of passionate swimmers from the open water beginner to the Olympic hopeful. We aim to provide a safe, guided, and fun environment for people to uncover a lifelong and life-affirming love for swimming and to be a trusted resource for all. From weekly group practice in the bay to long distance international challenges, Water World Swim is the go-to hub for all that is open water swimming. We guarantee that not only will you become a strong and confident open water swimmer, but that you'll have a warm and happy welcome to our global family!