Sarah O’Dwyer

Coach (New Zealand)
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Sarah joined WWS in 2017 during her days in Chile, training for the Beagle Channel Crossing. She was born in UK and moved to New Zealand 13 years ago. She started swimming at a very young age, and 6 years ago she became interested on ocean swimming entering several open water competitions in NZ like "The Beach Series" and "King Of he Bays".

She has experience coaching swimmers with intellectual disabilities. "I used to swim in open water with them which was sometimes quite hard-going but good fun. Out of the three, the 2 now have progressed to long-distance swimming on their own, one of them has gigantism, low social IQ and the other young man was born with a portion of his frontal lobe not connecting to his left and right hemisphere of his brain. There life's changed, physically and socially with the benefits of swimming in open water."

"When you start competitively swimming, just relax and enjoy, it is not about the time or placing you get, it's about the enjoyment of finishing the swim. Breathe! Open Water swimming brings so many like-minded people together from all over the world and all walks of life."