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New website features for swimmers!

 September 21, 2015

As our members and the swimming community continue to grow, our website must grow with it! Now both paid members and non-members using the website can access a whole host of features to take control over their swimming. Here are the biggest updates!

Login, register, and manage your account under the Memberships menu above.

Login, register, and view your account

Navigate to the Memberships menu to start!

Make a free account

You no longer have to email us each time you want to update your information! Create a free account to manage it yourself and see all the events you've signed up for. Even resend yourself your own confirmation email! Members: You probably got an email about a password change. Use the username in that email, login here, and use forgot password to set yourself a new one.

Tip: Register for your account using the exact first and last names and email you used for events in the past. That way, it'll pull all your past registrations for you.

Keep track of your registrations

Forgot where that swim meets? Need to make a payment, update your email address, or resend your own confirmation email? You can do all that and more in My Registrations! Just click the little cog/gear next to each registration and review all the details. Editing buttons will be at the bottom and you can use the icon and color legend to navigate.

Register for more than one event at a time!

If you sign up for a lot of events, you've probably struggled with AutoFill or tediously retyping all your details. No more! Add events to your cart, which will always float handy on the right, and register and check out all at once. Done!