Water World Swim founder and coach Pedro Ordenes says, "people, land, and continents are separated by oceans, and swimmers are the only ones that can unite the continents, land, and people."

At Water World Swim, we seek to inspire a love and enthusiasm for open water swimming in people from all over the globe. We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe community for swimmers of all ages, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, and ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds - from the open water beginner to the triathlete to the Olympic hopeful.

We are dedicated to promoting fun, safety, support, and friendship in the open water and making the experience accessible to all. Whether you're local or international, we invite you to join our warm camaraderie!

The Environment

Water World Swim is committed to keeping our bay beautiful and clean - we swim in it, after all! As a group, we request that swimmers come to swim and leave nothing behind, properly disposing of any waste. After our events, we ensure responsible clean up of Aquatic Park, Crissy Field, boats, and other venues and swimmer-traffic areas.

As Alcatraz is partly a bird sanctuary, boats, kayaks, and the people on them are prohibited from getting within 100 meters of Alcatraz, especially from February through September which is breeding season. This means our Alcatraz crossings do not start directly at Alcatraz. Water World Swim respects the environment, aiming to keep the sport of open water swimming a live collaboration between the athletes and the oceans. 


Water World Swim is renowned for its safety precautions, pilot kayakers, and emergency staff, so you can trust that you are in good hands.

Read more about precautions and open water swim safety. Our waiver must be filled out once a year prior to swimming with us, including workouts.