Whether you attend a weekly workout or participate in a large event, all swimmers must fill out our waiver. It includes emergency contact information and personal details that our coaches refer to should the unexpected happen.


Our waiver must be filled out once a year prior to swimming with us, including workouts.


Please keep us updated with your latest contact information. We may need to inform you of any last minute changes until the day of the swim or briefing time. Water World Swim reserves the right to make adjustments to the start of the swim to make this swim possible for all levels of swimmers participating.


Swimmers will be supported by boats, kayaks, and paddleboarders. We reserve the right to reposition swimmers separating too far from the area covered by the swim. U.S. Coast Guard Rules and Events Ordinance states that if a coach or a boat captain calls a swimmer to come on board or to be re-positioned, the swimmer MUST ABIDE by the call, otherwise will be stopped entirely from swimming.​


Read more about precautions and open water swim safety.


Water World Swim has a number of policies that swimmers need to be aware of before signing up for an event. We want the swimmers to know not just what the policies are, but why. Please read carefully.
Doing a swimming event is a large commitment. It is a serious venture that involves sacrifice and some risks. Our job at WWS is to set what we consider the safest/fairest system to welcome swimmers. We need to insure that each swim competition or event has a safe number of participants, everyone has fair access to enter the swim, and we protect our business in ensure we are a solvent company to benefit all coaches and friends that give us a hand and to the support we get from other boat companies.

The following is a list of policies regarding entries, refunds, transfers, and the risks swimmers accept when entering. We set policies for a reason. We are not out to upset the swimmers and make it difficult to get into swims. We love swimming and want you to swim with us!


Our swims are designed with limited spots and try to encourage experienced swimmers to participate. We set a refund policy to ensure that only the serious apply. If there was no refund penalty, then everyone could sign up for each race and decide later which one to do. There would be no risk involved and you would be taking someone’s spot that really wants to do that race, and we'd put in the work to prepare for swims to which few show up.

  • Most refund cases are handled with our rollover credit policy, where you retain 35% of your original fee as a credit to another event with us.
  • If you have a death in the family, medical reason supported by a note, or military deployment, you may be eligible for a full refund.


We do not allow transfers to other races or swimmers. After reviewing each participant swim experience, there is no way to transfer races to other that may not be that experienced. there would be no way to have the Coast Guard changing their approved roster at the last minute.


In the past we have experienced acts of Mother Nature. It is difficult on all. Swimmers have entered our swims and then trained for a long time to accomplish their goal. Our job is to deliver that event. We want to deliver and see your dreams and goals fulfilled. Many times we sacrifice our profits just to deliver a day later or apply the roll-over policy on some, but unfortunately we do not control mother nature and we must first look for your safety. If an Act of God/terrorism/Community Disaster occurs, we will make decisions based on safety first, and races will be altered as seen fit:  e.g. shortened swim course, or no swim at all. How do we deal with it from here?

  • Swimmers in that event will have first picking to sign up for any of our WWS next scheduled swim events within six months.
  • WWS cannot accept the risk of a disaster for everyone. Each athlete needs to accept the risk of his or her entry fee. There will be NO REFUNDS or free entries to other future races unless authorized by WWS directors.

The money you paid is spent developing that race. WWS does not save any money if you do not swim. WWS has booked boats, support, insurance, and ordered and paid for every supply and service needed for that event. WWS needs to pay for all swim support, supplies or services associated with that event, regardless of the outcome. Those include paying our staff/warehouse/administration costs all time developing those events.

If Water World Swim assumed all the risk and gave everyone a refund or free entry, the company would go out of business. That is in no ones best interest. This is not Water World Swim, LLC events division’s policy alone - it is standard procedure in the event business and there is a reason for it. We must all share the risk. We have spent a great deal of time developing these policies. It is through experiences that policies are developed. They are there to ensure safe, manageable and fair races.

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us at info@waterworldswim.com.

As per insurance and swimming competition standards, swimmers under the age of 15 will not be allowed to compete in the Golden Gate Bridge or Bridge to Bridge 10K races. Sorry 🙁


We aim to make our refund and rollover policies clear to avoid anyone getting a headache! If something is still not clear, please contact us. In simple terms:

  • Your registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • In the event of cancellation, you may be eligible for a partial rollover credit.