Expert coaches in Southern California shores

Enjoy warm days of fun with Coaches Dan Simonelli and Angela Andelson who will help us with our swimming techniques and will supervise our movements.

With an estimated population of 1.4 million people, San Diego is the eighth largest city in the United States and the second largest in California. It has been called "the birthplace of California." It is known for its stable and warm climate throughout the year, natural deepwater ports, long beaches, long cooperation with the United States Navy and a recent growth of the health and biotechnology industry.

The climate of San Diego is dry Mediterranean. The winters are mild and humid, and the summers warm and dry. The coolest month is January, with an average temperature of 15 ° C, low around 7 ° C, and high around 18° C. For this reason, for many years it has been a tourist destination of great importance, attracting many foreign and local tourists. The climate, beaches and attractions available make San Diego a very attractive city.


Our team in San Diego has international experience and will help you perfect your technique for your future competitions.




Dan was awarded the MSF 2015 Streeter Award for Service to Marathon Swimming and the 2016 Barra Award for Best Overall Year by the international Marathon Swimmers Federation.

He was also recognized on the World Open Water Swimming Association’s list of the World’s 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Men. Dan was a competitive age group swimmer growing up in Stockton, CA, and also competed for Palomar College in San Diego. Dan served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and during his duty he had a supplementary position as a Water Safety and Survival Instructor. He later worked as an Ocean Lifeguard-­‐EMT and ocean lifeguard instructor for many years.



Assistant Coach

Angela completed her undergrad education at the University of California, Berkeley and swam with the Cal Aquatic Masters swim team while in school. Angela was also the founding president of both the men’s and women’s club water polo teams at UC Berkeley, when they became officially recognized as University club sports in 2007. 

She completed her first and second Alcatraz crossings in 2015 with the Embarcadero YMCA Masters and was instantly hooked! Subsequently, she joined WWS and in 2016, Angela competed with WWS at an international swim competition in Cuba and placed second overall in her age group for the pool competition and first overall in her age group (second woman overall) for the 3k open water swim. Joined the WWS coaching team in Spring 2016 and is excited to see you out in the water!


You can choose swim trainings for Catalina Channel, Santa Barbara Channel or Alcatraz Island swim, or be part of 'Swim with Dan' sessions.


Catalina Island Clinics

Swimmers considering this crossing must have a proper swim training and take several steps with the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation before jumping in the water. It is important that you take an honest account of your abilities, the support crew you can recruit, and the time commitment a Channel swim requires.


Alcatraz Island Clinics

You'll be doing a 1-mile practice swim along the shoreline in La Jolla with coaches and safety (both are always present at our swims) to guide you and talk about swimming Alcatraz. This length is much like the last swim leg of many big bay events in San Francisco, and you'll experience some of the currents and water you'll find out at "The Rock".


Swim with Dan

Dan Simonelli is the founder and director of the Open Water Swim Academy, based in San Diego, California. He has coached hundreds of open water swimmers of all ages, from recreational to competitive to marathon  swimmers  completing  major open ocean marathon swims such as the Catalina Channel, the English Channel, Molokai Channel, and others.

Sundays 9:00 a.m. at "La Jolla Cove" for swim training time!
Contact Coach Dan for more info at