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Swim Around the Rock 2014 results

Congratulations to the swimmers who endured Sunday, July 6th's 9th annual Swim Around the Rock! This is one of our most challenging swims and all finished strong.

I just wanted to thank you again for a GREAT DAY. I really, really enjoyed the swim around the rock. I met an awful lot of really nice people, met some great swimmers and the event was really first class. Everything you said about the currents was spot on, including the Turn of Events as you get to the West Side of Alcatraz - like being in a washing machine. But Fun! I hope to see you again for more swims and races and I hope to be moving back to San Francisco!!
Peter Faller - 2014 SATR Finisher
Great race Coach Pedro! I had an absolute blast and so did the rest of the VCM swimmers! It was a great, friendly group of people. Events like this make me remember why I love this sport so much! Hope to see you again next year. Do you have a tentative date for the race yet next year? I really appreciate WWS providing a kayak for my support person, it really took a lot of stress off of us trying to figure out what to do about getting one.
Tamie Stewart - 2014 SATR Finisher
- Saxon David 1:18:55 M Wetsuit 24 Oakland CA USA
- Chung John 1:21:00 M SKIN 44 Goleta CA USA
- McConica Jim 1:21:00 M SKIN 63 Ventura CA USA
- Smallwood Aubrie 1:24:25 F SKIN 29 Camarillo CA USA
- Hewitt Jeff 1:24:37 M Wetsuit 45 Menlo Park CA USA
- Spasojevic Nemanja 1:25:07 M SKIN 31 San Francisco CA USA
- Stafford Donald 1:25:40 M SKIN 52 Camarillo CA USA
- Warmuth Stacey 1:25:45 F SKIN 57 Ventura CA USA
- Ball Thomas 1:26:17 M SKIN 54 Ventura CA USA
- Holmes Warren 1:30:20 M Wetsuit 30 San Francisco CA USA
- Stewart Tamie 1:31:46 F SKIN 41 Ventura CA USA
- Kaufman Kendra 1:38:00 F SKIN 39 San Diego CA USA
- Faller Peter 1:43:34 M Wetsuit 47 Boulder CO USA
REP Hollingsworth Carolyn 2:08:33 F Wetsuit 49 Santa Monica CA USA
REP King Marshall 2:08:36 M SKIN 45 Richardson TX USA
REP More Angel 2:08:42 F Wetsuit 11 San Carlos CA USA
- Hendra Candace 2:08:50 F Wetsuit 61 Danville CA USA
- Ding Gregory 2:09:40 M Wetsuit 55 Palo Alto CA USA
- Paskvan Jake 2:09:40 M Wetsuit 43 Joliet IL USA
- Hoskins Charles NO SHOW M Wetsuit 55 Huntington Beach CA USA
- Jirkovsky Zach NO SHOW M SKIN 32 Ventura CA USA
- Gallo Matt NO SHOW M Wetsuit 51 Healdsburg CA USA

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  1. Donald Stafford

    Another wonderful event put together by Coach Pedro and his staff at Water World Swim. I cant thank you enough for putting together this swim. It is one of the most visually and physically exhilarating swims I have ever experienced. Swimming around the iconic Alcatraz island WOW. Thanks!!!! See you next year.

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