AUGUST 17, 2024 · 3.6 Mi (6K)

Swim Around
The Rock

From Aquatic Park around Alcatraz, to Aquatic Park

This swim is a great challenge for fast swimmers that requires a strategic race plan to swim the 3.6 mile course with tides and fast currents around Alcatraz. This is also an excellent event to help prepare for longer open water endurance competitions. Some of the best open water swimmers at the national level compete in Swim Around The Rock.

This swim starts off Aquatic Park and you’ll swim along a fast and exciting current. But as you make your way clockwise around Alcatraz, that’s where the real challenge begins – you’ll have to navigate not only around the prison, but through the currents as you make your way back to Aquatic Park. A challenge you won’t forget for sure!

This event is for experienced open water swimmers only. This swim will not only require swimming strength and open water experience, but expert ability in navigating a winning course with complex currents. This is easily our most difficult bay race, even more so than Bridge to Bridge 10K. If you need advice, support, and coaching for this swim, Water World Swim can help.

Not one, but TWO Alcatrazes

A test of endurance in a more-than-double Alcatraz crossing.
Enjoy views of Alcatraz going out, and San Francisco coming back in! Join 30 swimmers in this 3.6 mile endurance race. An epic out-and-back around this historic prison!

Alex Kostich · 1:10:29 · 2019

Long Course · 6KM · Wetsuit Division Record

Oliver Kusch · 1:10:09 · 2011

Short Course · 5.25KM · Wetsuit  Division Record

Aubrie Smallwood · 1:24:25 · 2014

Safety is our priority in challenging waters! Participants must be at least 12 years old to participate by signing up online. No children under 7 are accepted. Children under 12 must be evaluated by a Water World Swim coach in a private session for a non-refundable $95 fee and must be registered at time of evaluation. The fee also covers an accompanying coach in the water during the swim. Registration will be refunded if the minor is deemed not suitable to participate.

If the under 12 minor is coming from out of town and is unable to be assessed by Water World Swim, we require a certified coach to evaluate the minor and contact us via email or written documentation certifying their ability and recommending their participation. Out of town minors under 12 must pay an additional $95 to have an accompanying coach in the water.

Contact us about having your young swimmer join us!

Swim Around the Rock 2023 Finishers

18Kevin HayesWetsuitMale1:28:46.6
24Julio Cesar FuentesWetsuitMale1:31:16.4
311Jimmy HongWetsuitMale1:32:16.4
49Jeff HewittWetsuitMale1:38:34.5
520Kathleen PostonWetsuitFemale1:39:56.9
615Deborah JourdainSkinFemale1:41:28.8
710Luke HonesWetsuitMale1:42:33.0
813Camille JohnsonWetsuitFemale1:45:20.9
912Angelika JoastSkinFemale1:45:49.5
1025Amritha SuryaSkinFemale1:48:53.1
1128Brent WalterWetsuitMale1:50:03.6
1222Brandon SabadoWetsuitMale1:50:06.1
136Alex GuoSkinMale1:50:53.2
145Jack GuedjWetsuitMale1:51:03.7
1518Rick MardesichSkinMale1:51:09.2
1624Maria-Clara SliesoraitisWetsuitFemale1:51:12.9
1723Vytas SliesoraitisWetsuitMale1:51:14.7
1819James E. McDowellWetsuitMale1:59:14.1
197Alex HarelickSkinMale2:01:17.7
2017Yanping LuWetsuitFemale2:01:23.7
2116Jay KeithSkinMale2:03:33.6
2221Patrick RacineWetsuitMale2:04:03.9
233Maya EbsworthWetsuitFemale2:10:58.8
241Evan AuchardSkinMale2:18:32.1
2527Amanda VanceWetsuitFemale2:20:15.3
262Roger DunnWetsuitMaleRepositioned
2714Jean JonesWetsuitFemaleRepositioned
2829Chuck WorleyWetsuitMaleRepositioned
2926Jacob TanzWetsuitMaleRepositioned