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Swimmers Nik and Diana to take on Aconcagua to Climb Over Cancer!

 November 7, 2015

Water world swimmer Nik started with WWS in September 2013 to train for the Winter Alcatraz swim without a wetsuit. After finishing the race, the swimming bug caught him. He has since completed 5 Alcatraz crossings, Island to Island, and the Golden Gate Bridge, all with the support and guidance of Water World Swim crew.

In 2015, he finally convinced his wife, Diana, to attempt her first Alcatraz crossing, which she successfully completed without a wetsuit. Having already known the entire WWS team helped her comfortably achieve her goal.

They are now taking their skills out of the water and up one of the world's highest peaks (in fact, the highest outside of Asia!) - Argentina's Aconcagua - all to Climb Over Cancer.

They will be attempting to summit in December in order to raise money for a breast cancer awareness charity in India. They will be joined by Nikhil's cousin and 2-time cancer survivor Sameer, and their friend and charitable adventurer Akash.

After their climb, they will be joining local open water swimmers in Chile to swim at the beaches of Viña del Mar.

Help out a great cause and support our fellow swimmers on their adventure by learning about this cause, liking their Facebook page, and making a donation!


A message from Nikhil

Our goal is to overcome immense mental and physical challenges in reaching the summit and, hopefully, make an impact in fighting cancer, which has changed the lives of so many people and their families and friends. 


Embarking on this perilous mission with me is my wife Diana, a nurse who works with cancer patients everyday my cousin Sameer, a 2 time CANCER survivor and my friend Akash, who takes on daunting tasks to raise money for charities.

Together, we will go on a journey for 20 days in December 2015 to try and summit the 22,837ft Mt. Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America, Western and Southern Hemisphere.

In partnership with AID (Association for India's Development), we have decided to support Vasantha Memorial Trust, a humble grass roots organization in India that focusses on cancer treatment, awareness and screening. The funds we raise are specifically for the Pudhu Vasantham (meaning New Spring) program that teaches breast cancer awareness and self examination on a one-on-one basis.

We will be attempting to climb in hopes to raise money to help the program reach as many women as possible, from the fisherwomen in Coimbatore to the college students in Mumbai.

Please join us in our attempt to "Climb Over Cancer" by making a tax deductible donation at the following page:


For more info on the cancer project: