Swimming and fun in Zapallar, Chile

Zapallar is an exceptionally picturesque coastal town in central Chile accessible by highway from Santiago in less than 2 hours, making it an ideal quick weekend. The spa is very busy in the months of January and February, which are summertime in the southern hemisphere. It sits on a stunning coastline that is reminiscent of Big Sur in California, and offers panoramic views and numerous hiking trails, wonderful waterfront restaurants, and stunning landfall of the Pacific Ocean off rocky outcrops and overlooks.

Plan your stop in Zapallar on your next trip to Chile and South America with us! We know the region and have various connections at the resorts and with likeminded swimmers who can take you to the best spots. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enjoy this exclusive resort town.

About Zapallar

Zapallar is a commune of Chile, located in the province of Petorca. It is 169km from Santiago spa, 80km from Valparaiso, and 71km from Vina del Mar, including Papudo resorts and Cachagu.

It is one of the most beautiful and exclusive seaside resorts in Chile because it has great summer houses, some of which are of Italian design with beautiful gardens and parks with pine forests. It is a small, enclosed cove, surrounded by hills, which produces a microclimate that also protects against coastal winds. It is also famous for its seafood and the warmth of its native inhabitants.


THE BEACH  Zapallar is known for its beautiful beach and yellow sand. Clear water, deep blue, with fun waves that make dramatic splashes on the rocks!

THE BOULEVARD A favorite place to stroll in Zapallar morning, noon, or night, the boulevard is a famed walk around the bay from Isla Seca around the Bravo Sea.

RESTAURANTS  Zapallar offers a wide range of cuisine for all appetites. "The Cesar" and "The Chiringito" have the best ambiance and terrific food to boot!

Hotel Casa Zapallar

Striking architecture, water, stones and light; South Woods, unique objects and hand-woven carpets give warmth to the decor at Hotel Casa Zapallar. A place where tradition and modernity come together to pick what best defines us, the taste for the simple and well done. A calm space that seduces and surprises. Located in the center of town Zapallar, an hour and a half from Santiago.

For more information you can visit their website.

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