Swim With Pedro
Weekly group workouts at Aquatic Park & Crissy Field

If you can swim a mile in the pool you are ready to transition to open water! Our Swim With Pedro sessions are 1-hour swims and a great place to practice in the open water with coaches on hand, whether you're training for an event or getting into open water for the first time.

You’ll find both those new to open water swimming and those who have completed Alcatraz hundreds of times, but we divide the group into skill and confidence level so everyone gets the most out of their swim. We have several routes that start within the cove for beginner swimmers. You can confer with coaches about your goals and ask for tips. If you’d like to join one of our sessions, here are the steps:

  1. Fill a waiver. You only need to fill it once a year. If you don’t fill one online, you’ll be asked to fill one on site before you swim.
  2. Sign up for a session. Browse the calendar for a date. Click on the Swim With Pedro session in blue or purple (color designates location – it will also say Swim With Pedro at Aquatic Park or at Crissy Field), and it will take you to a registration page. There you can register and pay by card online. Submit the form and you should get a confirmation email.
  3. Check the map for where we meet. Some will be at Crissy Field; most are at Aquatic Park.

Absolutely everyone is welcome to join!

  • WE ARE a non-competitive friendly group. Some participants are preparing for events, but some are not. All are invited!
  • BRING Mack’s earplugs, a thermal swim cap (we provide a latex one), goggles, towels, something hot to drink, and a good attitude!
  • SWIM SAFETY is piloted by experienced kayakers. We break into groups according to capability and interest.
  • WE WARM UP with stretching for swimmers for 10 minutes and then a brief run on the beach.
  • THURSDAY SWIMS meet at 6:00PM (Thursday evenings, March through September). We jump in the water at 6:30PM.
  • SUNDAY SWIMS meet at Aquatic Park bleachers at 10:00AM (Sunday mornings year round). We jump in the water at 10:30AM.

Click swim route map to view larger!

  • Thursdays 6pm (Mar-Sept) and Sundays 10am (year round)
  • Meets at Aquatic Park at Hyde and Jefferson
  • $20 for non-registered drop-ins (check or credit card only), $18 online for non-members, $15 for under 18, free for WWS members
  • Great for all ages and capabilities - whether you're training for an Iron Man or just stepping into open water for the first time, join us!
  • NOTE ON MINORS Swimmers must be at least 12 years old to participate. For swimmers aged 7-11, please contact us.
Aquatic Park vs. Crissy Field

What is the difference between the two workouts we conduct at Aquatic Park and Crissy Field? Both workouts are basically the same, only the scenery and current patterns are different, but all levels of swimmers will learn and train equally comfortably in both.

Both locations have their advantages. The swim at Aquatic Park is more protected from the outside conditions in the bay. Crissy Field is great practice to swim along the beach and feel how the currents work. Beginner open water swimmers can stay closer to shore to practice technique, while those looking to practice the bay currents will be further out and can swim longer distances.

Come to our workouts at either location, and we can assure you will have lots of fun and will learn valuable skills that will make any of your future swims much easier!


STRETCHING WARMUP  WWS member and Registered Yoga Teacher Theresa Marks warms up all swimmers with a brief and gentle yoga stretch session before swimming. Stretching improves range of motion and can help prevent injuries. Yoga can align the body bring us into the present moment where we can set our intention for a great swim!


Starting out for the first time? Rent your wetsuit from Sports Basement! Rental fees can go towards an eventual purchase. You can reserve online too.