Sydney Roberts Interview

    15 km Bonifacio Channel Swimmer

    Sydney Roberts an open water swimmer that started her swimming in the San Francisco Bay with Water World Swim when she was only 12 years old. Her goal was always to swim long distances and she set a goal, to swim a challenging swim. Once she started swimming in the cold waters of the bay, she immediately started to become one of the fastest and dedicated to take challenges like swimming from Alcatraz and other long distances swims, either with wetsuit or skin.

    When she was only 16 years old she found her goal by becoming interested in a 15 to 16 kilometers swim, like the Bonifacio Channel in Italy, a swim from the Island of Sardinia, Italy  to Corsica, France Unfortunately, her goal came right before the pandemic hit the entire world. She definitely did not give up her dreams and kept her commitment to keep training and not to give up.

    With the help of Water World Swim coaches, like Coach Mike and Coach Jake, and others in the coaching team, she kept persevering, just waiting for the opportunity once the countries would reopen. Being a High School senior, came time that she would have to start choosing her School to go to college but at the same time to continue with her training. Even knowing she would swim in warmer waters, she continue training training in open waters, due to the closing of all places like swimming pools, and during the pandemic and winter. She finalize her training in Winter of 2021 swimming four hours and without wetsuit. On this conversation she tell us details of her training and also about her swim across the Bonifacio Channel in 5 hours. She is also a great musician, that plays many instruments, being her favorite, the fidler, that she plays with a musical group. Giving us a demo of her virtuosity at the end of this conversation.