The Red Bulletin | How to escape Alcatraz

     April 28, 2016

    Pedro Ordenes has crossed the 1.25-mile passage from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park on the north end of San Francisco “hundreds of times.”  We’re not saying he was escaping from anything. We are saying his intel would’ve been useful to Ted Cole and Ralph Roe who disappeared into the waters of the Bay during a violent storm after filing their way through prison bars in 1937. Or, Frank Morris, and brothers John and Clarence Anglin, who made a rudimentary life preservers and a raft from prison-issued raincoats in 1962. They, too, disappeared and are presumed dead, though Clint Eastwood’s movie left it a bit ambiguous.

    Your fate will be decidedly different. For more than 20 years, Ordenes has organized swim expeditions to Cuba, Costa Rica, his native Chile and Greece through his company Water World Swim. But the San Francisco Bay is where his heart is. Below, Ordenes tips for surviving the swim.

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