San Francisco Bay Alcatraz Swim & Triathlon Clinics

Boost Your Open Water Swim, Bike, Run Skills in Triathlon Clinics offered by San Francisco Bay open water swim experts and Ironman® champion coaches! All triathlon clinics feature three options to register: swim only, run & bike only, or full clinic.

"Very organized and experienced. Demystifies the swim. Excellent tips. Good camaraderie -- all those Escape triathletes were stoked, many repeat customers of WWS, and truly seemed appreciative about the edge it gives them."
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Preparing for the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon or other San Francisco bay tri?

Check out our conveniently timed Alcatraz swim clinics to help focus on and boost your open water swim. Literally 100% of surveyed triathletes who did a clinic with us would recommend them!



An evening clinic to help swimmers practice the last leg towards the finish line.


A morning clinic that will have you hop in and hop out at notable patches near Alcatraz and in the bay.


An evening clinic to help swimmers practice the last leg towards the finish line.


An opportunity to swim the whole course, or hop in hop out like the clinic!


Starting triathlon for the first time? Seasoned triathlete? Adding Alcatraz to your list of bucket list swims? Whether you are new to the sport of triathlon, have a few races under your belt, or several seasons, Water World Swim Triathlon Clinics can help you achieve the next level in your endurance training.

Have you already swum Alcatraz and want to improve your time, endurance, and experience? Or is 2015 your year to accomplish what few dare to do: finish an Alcatraz multi-sport event? Perhaps San Francisco Bay is your back yard, and you want to train for the many triathlons and multi-sport events that the Bay Area offers.

Make Water World Swim a part of your triathlon training plan. Water World Swim has over 20 years of experience training swimmers of all levels, elite triathletes and age groupers swim from Alcatraz to the Finish Line efficiently, effectively and safely. Water World Swim’s Triathlon Coaches have extensive experience (and podium finishes) at Escape from Alcatraz™ Triathlon, Ironman® World Championship, Ironman® 70.3, Ultraman, Death Ride, and Boston Marathon to name a few events.

Hone your transition skills. Fine-tune your open water swimming, sighting, stroke technique. Adjust your bike posture, improve your cadence, discuss bike fit, and gear. Learn how to save your legs for the run. Achieve more running technique. Gain the advantage and spend your day with the experienced triathlon coaches at Water World Swim and cross the finish line well-prepared.

Clinic Highlights
  • Start from Alcatraz as you would in an actual Alcatraz multi-sport event, and swim to the shore at St. Francis Beach where several Alcatraz multi-sport events finish
  • Learn about the currents in San Francisco Bay and landmarks you need need to “sight” in order to have a successful swim
  • Swim critique by professional swim coaches
  • Bike and run course previews of one of the major Alcatraz triathlons
  • Nutrition and hydration plans
  • Expert Wetsuit fitting
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Race day strategies
  • Step by step guidance from professional coaches and experienced athletes

And more!

What do you need for a triathlon clinic?

Bring the equipment you would use race day - your race day wetsuit, tuned bicycle, approved helmet, and well-fitting running shoes. This is a learning experience, but bring capable tools. Be prepared to cover the distances. This is not a clinic that readies you in one session - this is to tailor your training in the right direction. You should at least be training for general fitness.

While these clinics only require you to bring safe and working equipment, please note that tri-legal helmets must be ANSI or Snell approved. Many triathlons recommend a tri or road bike, but check your event if applicable regarding mountain bikes. Here is the USAT codes on bikes:

(i) Handlebars and stem must be fashioned to prevent any danger. All handlebar ends must be solidly plugged to lessen the possibility of injury. 

(j) There must be one working brake on each of the two wheels.

(k) There must be a free-wheeling mechanism between the crank and the rear wheel that allows the bicycle to roll forward while the pedals remain stationary.

(l) All aspects of the bicycle must be safe to the user and to other participants in the event. Minimum safety standards include, but are not limited to, properly glued and sealed tires, tight headset and handlebars, and true wheels.

Your coach

Champion Triathlete, Kathy Winkler

Kathy is a teacher and mother to two daughters, but when she’s not kicking butt with the kids – she’s kicking butt in triathlons! Kathy is a six-time podium placer in the Kona, HI IRONMAN World Championship, set three new course records in three days at the ULTRAMAN World Championships where she placed 1st in her age group and 2nd overall, and also has the following to her name:

  • 3 podium finishes at IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship
  • 10 time 1st in age group, and five times in a row at Wildflower Olympics
  • 10 time 1st in age group and overall once in the Escape from Alcatraz

Kathy says, “Set your mind to something and the possibilities are endless. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not capable, find out for yourself what you are made of, the results may surprise you. Embrace each day, see what the day gives you and make the most of it."