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World Record Relay Holder Ori Sela to co-coach this Sunday!

 March 26, 2015

Join us this Saturday at 2:00pm at Sports Basement for an inspiring and motivating lecture by Ori Sela, the current open water swimming World Record Relay holder, swimming 234 miles in 6 days. Ori will also be co-coaching our Sunday Swim With Pedro session the day after at Aquatic Park, so don’t miss out on the hands-on guidance of this master swim coach!

Ori Sela is the world record holder for open water relay, swimming from Cyprus to Tel Aviv, 377km (234 mi) in 6 days in 2014.

Water World Swim has invited world renowned swimmer, master swim coach, and sports therapist Ori Sela to lead a captivating, inspirational and practical lecture and participate in co-coaching the March 29 Swim With Pedro at Aquatic Park.

On Saturday March 28th, Ori will be leading an inspiration lecture at Presidio Sports Basement at 2:30. Attendance is free, but attendees are asked to register online.

This is the remarkable story of Ori Sela; the personal and professional experiences that nearly broke him, how the power of positive thinking and perception led him and his team to success, and ultimately a world record. Overcoming failure with a positive attitude, diligent training, strong beliefs and a conviction that ‘everything is possible’, Ori rose to become a mentor and ambassador for the sport of swimming at home and abroad. He now shares how his dreams became reality.

Ori Sela is the owner, manager, and head swim coach of "Water World" on the Mediterranean Sea in Israel, and the founder of the “WEST” swimming technique. Water World is one of the world’s largest hydrotherapy pool chains and caters to people of all ages, physical ability, and levels of fitness. Ori is a recognized health and fitness expert and he addresses a wide spectrum of the challenges we face in life from disabilities and injury to professional competition.

At Water World, programs are individually tailored to fit specific needs ranging from rehabilitation to Olympic training. The regimen also contemplates the subliminal, psychological, and spiritual aspects of swimming and the power of the sea.