The Bonifacio Channel

Swim from France to Italy in this 15K lifetime achievement crossing! You'll start in the town of Bonifacio in Corsica (France) and cross to Santa Teresa Gallura in Sardinia (Italy) across the Bonifacio Channel, a stretch of blue Mediterranean Sea linking the two. David Rich became the first American to cross and did it with us in 2015, and Swiss swimmer Romano Mombelli completed it with us a few months later.


USA · JUL 8, 2015 · 04:56:37
David Rich became the first American to make the Bonifacio crossing when he completed it with us in 2015.


SWITZERLAND · NOV 7, 2015 · 03:38:54
Romano Mombelli joined us to make this crossing, and in world record time.


MEXICO · JUN 20, 2017 · TBA
Gonzalo Nadal, age 38, is preparing to make his crossing this year.

The Team in Italy

Pat Tomada, an Italian native from Udine, swam regularly with Coach Pedro in the bay on visits to the US. A regular swimmer and triathlete, Pat will help coordinate your crossing and trip, navigating Italian, permits, boats, and more to make your dream a reality!

YOUR PILOT Tomasso Munatoni will pilot the swim. He'll be looking out for you as you swim, and probably make you laugh along the way!

YOUR CREW With Tomasso at the helm and Pat mastering the course, your swim will be fully supported by an awesome team. Your safety is paramount and the crew will work to keep you on goal and measure out the best time for the swim.


You must be at least 14 years of age to swim the Strait of Messina or the Bonifacio Channel. In addition, you must have an Echocardiogram (EKG) and Stress test performed by a doctor, valid within one year of your swim date. Without meeting either of these requirements, you will not be able to swim.

We highly recommend travel insurance - and not just for your stuff! Swimming in the open water can be dangerous. While we haven't encountered any, there are jellyfish and you want to be covered in case the unexpected happens. We are not responsible for any swim or open-water related injures.

Ready to dive into Bonifacio?

Contact us for details! Coach Pedro or Coach Ale will be in touch with you to discuss your Italian adventures.

Happy swimming and travels!

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