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EFA 2024

Swim from Alcatraz Clinic – Join the experts at Water World Swim to learn everything there is to know about how to successfully Escape from Alcatraz. Water World Swim has been an official partner with the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon for 12 years and we have the knowledge, experience and insights to help you achieve peak performance on race day.
Our clinics are designed to give athletes the unique opportunity to learn about the race-specific currents and water conditions while experiencing first-hand, the swim start and finish from the water. We take our athletes through the entire course and teach them what to expect and then practice strategies to succeed at everything from transitioning from the cold Bay water to the bike,  to confidently conquering the dreaded sand ladder. This is an opportunity like no other.

Learn the best way to cross from Alcatraz  to Shore.

This is very valuable experience so that on your special crossing day you don’t encounter any unwelcome surprise – you are ready!  Swimmers will learn about and practice their sighting, and “feel” the water near the finish. You will learn about the currents you might expect during your crossings and plan your route accordingly.

Upon request, our WWS coaches will critique your stroke and provide you with suggestions to make your stroke more efficient and faster. This is a wonderful experience with a great group of people in a non-competitive environment.

Many swimmers who have trained with us during our clinics have reported better times in their competitions and feeling strong and confident during their race. Our Crissy Field/St. Francis clinics include a mile of open water swimming and instruction and advice from coaches. During our bay/Alcatraz clinics, swimmers are transported to Alcatraz by boat and try the water in 2-3 notable places for 10-15 minutes at a time under the guidance of our coaches.

"Fun. Extremely informative. A huge confidence booster. Great coaches and boat captain, and kayakers. Did I mention how much fun it was?"
"Very organized and experienced. Demystifies the swim. Excellent tips. Good camaraderie — all those Escape triathletes were stoked, many repeat customers of WWS, and truly seemed appreciative about the edge it gives them."
"This is my 2nd year doing this and the crew helped me to improve my sighting, swim technique (specifically breathing in the cold water) and outlook on getting across the Bay with comfort and style!​"
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WWS Coaches

Coach Kathy Winkler

Kathy Winkler is a teacher and mother to two daughters, but when she’s not kicking butt with the kids – she’s kicking butt in triathlons! Kathy is a six-time podium placer in the Kona, HI IRONMAN World Championship, set three new course records in three days at the ULTRAMAN World Championships where she placed 1st in her age group and 2nd overall. Kathy says, “Set your mind to something and the possibilities are endless. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not capable, find out for yourself what you are made of, the results may surprise you. Embrace each day, see what the day gives you and make the most of it.”

Coach Jake

Coach Jake began swimming with Pedro and Water World Swim in 2001 and never looked back! He is an accomplished age grouper triathlete in over 50 various lengths and has 5 IRONMAN under his belt. In 2010, he began coaching and became the lead kayaker for WWS in 2011, since which time he has supervised over 50 various swims. Coach Jake has also lead swim expeditions to Cuba and the Galapagos Islands where he participated in the local triathlon and also has swam in Chile’s Pacific Ocean and lake Villarrica.

Coach Mike Lockwood

Coach Mike competed with masters programs since 1995, He competed with the Tri Valley Masters , Pleasanton, California. In 2007, he was introduced to open water swimming and completed his first Alcatraz, under the eye of Coach Pedro and has been swimming and coaching in the San Francisco bay ever since, and presently coaching long distance and marathon swimmers.

Coach Mike is an ASCA certified coach. He coached and headed the Varsity coach since 1997 for 9 seasons at James Logan High School in Union City, California.